Faith in eight(8)

Hello, confused with the title name? Yea. Keep faith. Eight, which is the only digital number using which we can regenerate any other number. Do you know why? Because it is the symbol, of completeness. It is the symbol of never ending property. It is the symbol of ying-yang. Still confused? Ok. Now write the number 8, on a paper and as we have to see any situation from right point of view, view the number 8 from right side. What do you find? I know you are familiar with it. It is infinity. The whole universe.


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So it’s all about keeping faith in eight. Keeping infinite faith. Family is the first category of people, who we always try to approach when we need some advice or courage.
Keep faith in process. It takes time. Life is all about time. Time is all about seconds. Seconds are enough to change your life. So when your life will take a u-turn, it will take within seconds. Don’t plan for years. Because life is seconds.
Nowadays people love to watch a human-fall than a water fall. So when you are falling down, just rememher you are being dipped in magical water, when you will come out, or come over it, you will be magical. You will be stronger.



People will throw you down to the ground, but it’s up to you to convert that ground into a mirror, so that you can see yourself in the sky. Yes. It takes confidence in yourself and faith in universe.



As one of the most inspiring writer, Paulo Coelho says in The Alchemist, “When you really want something, the universe conspires  in helping you achieve it.” But as the law of universe says, if you have a thing, you have to hold it.
So once you achieve that, the same universe tries to take away that thing from you to see how strongly you can hold it. How much you keep faith in it.


Yes. Hold the things which you love. Hold the people whom you love. Keep faith in them. I know this life is sometimes so rude. This is so infected with bad people. But there is always a positive side to it. Believe in that.


Yes. I just want to conclude it here. Life is a disease for which we have to find a cure. So find it. Spread it.

As you have kept faith for a long time reading this post, just wish that something good happens to you today. Thanks for reading.

PASSION- PASS the positive IONs

What is passion? Passion is the passage of humans from a normal boring work to interesting creative work. Just we need is to escape from that passage. No we can’t find that passage anywhere else in the world, but just in one’s own heart. If your dreams in brain match with your passion in heart, believe me, you are invincible. You have found the perfect code for a magical living. Why to live just for living if you are gonna life once? Yes, sometimes we are helpless, but your passion should not be switched off in your heart during that time. You have to work on that passion, doesn’t matter if anyone else cares about it or not. You have to breath on your own.

When Sun found it’s passion and started to burn, no one saw it. It use to think, what is my purpose? No one sees me. No one knows about my existence. But still Sun didn’t give up. It burnt with its full energy. Positive energy.  It is then God understood the passion of Sun. God thought that yes, there has to be someone who have to appreciate sun for its burning passion. Then we, humans were given a chance to fulfill the passion of Sun. We can see the enormous sun burning, just because it burns. Else there would have been complete darkness. And passion is not just doing your own work. It is to inspire others. Sun inspired moon that she can also draw inspiration from Sun, and shine with its own passion. It is then the moon, believed in it’s own passion, and shined with its amazing silver armour. Armour of belief.
Find your passion. It is hidden somewhere in your heart. May be in darkness. Take a torch of good thoughts from brain, and then search for your passion. It will instantly shine in your heart. We are not here to be noticed. We are here to find. To notice. The passion in us. The passion in others.

And I am concluding it here, PASSION is PASSing of positive IONs from brain to heart, for a perfect chemical reaction of creativity as a product, and remember, getting famous is just a by-product.

Thanks for reading fellow readers/bloggers. I just hope that these words act as a catalyst in the chemical reaction of your passion for a creative living. 



Dharma, never heard of? Ok. I will explain. It is not a new word. This is a word used thousands of years ago in epic of Mahabharat. Dharma is a Sanskrit word, with a root derivative of dh, which means to hold, to keep. Dharma has no one definition. It is defined in different ways in different religions. But whatever the place, air is the same. Similarly this.
Dharma, as in Buddism, is the principle or law which orders the universe. So dharma is the basic backbone to the functioning of this universe.
In Hinduism, Dharma is the duties, the responsibilities of humans that have to be fulfilled. We have some duties to fulfill towards our mother earth, nature and our mankind. Which duties? Let’s just say,  the exact opposite of what we,!as humans, are doing right now.

Drama! Now this is what everyone is aware of. We are are good actors. We express emotions which are not in heart, but which are pre-defined in our brains. What is the use if you just act? It is against the act of God. Start loving being natural. Being genuine. Being human.

Start being Dharmatic. Not Dramatic. Your life will change Dharmatically if not Dramatically.

Because depending upon your Dharma, you will face your Karma.

Thanks for reading, fellow readers.
Be Dharmatic.

Sci,en,ce- sky and sea.

Hello readers, let’s talk about science today. What is science? Okay, let me ask first, for whom is science? Only for scientists? Only for students? No. Science is for everyone. Science is everything in between sky and the sea***. The name itself says it. Do you think there was no science before the introduction of science in our education system? Let me tell you, science was born on day 1, along with the universe. When someone says I hate science, indirectly he hates his own existence. Science subject is different than the actual science. Science is as higher as sky, and as deeper as sea. No one can completely understand it. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand science. You just have to believe in it to understand science. Just like God. The reason for the blue color of sky is science. The Earth consists upto of 71% of water. Wait wait, our body also consists 70% of water. So the reason? Science.
As in one of the biggest epic the great MAHABHARAT, one slok says, “If you can’t find it in mahabharat, you will find it nowhere”. Really I do believe so.
Our Earth resembles our body.
What you can’t find in America, you can find it in China. What you can’t find in China, you can find it in some other place. In a similar way, what you can’t find in your brain, you will find it in your heart. What you can’t find in your heart, you will find it in your eyes and so on. This is life. The cycle. Just like sun and the moon. Day and the night. Science is our existence. We exist to believe that science. Science is God. Even Lord Krishna says that the only thing which is constant in this world, is CHANGE.
Just like season, is our mood. Varying time to time. Sometimes unseasonal. But always remember, everything present in the universe, is also present in our body. Ok let’s take this mobile piece which I am typing with. Camera= Eyes. Memory= Neuron cells. Processor= Brain. Battery= Heart. Touch Screen- Senses. And so on.
Life is just what you think of it.
So start loving science, start believing in Science. Your science may or may not improve, your life will definitely will.

Thanks for reading. I can’t believe I sat down for two continuous hours typing, reading, retyping and finally editing this. I don’t know about your science, just hope that I am not wrong with my English here.

*** sci is referred as sky, en as and ce as sea. ***


What do you expect from this post? So if someone starts their post like this, how will you respond? And what kind of answers do the bloggers expect in return?
The whole world runs on expectations, so that is the reason we stand nowhere in this world. We just run, run for living, run for life, run for happiness, run for peace and what not. But wait, don’t run your eyes now, slow down. Why do we run? Why can’t we find what we want by just standing, by standing on love, standing on character, standing on our dreams, standing on our words? Just because we are used to run. But remember, when death knocks your door, you can’t run, you have to stand. Stand tall, stand with pride. For that start to stand on your life from today. Why today, now itself. Expectation is the main shoe company that makes us run. Don’t get into those shoes. Like, I wish my parents can gift me an IPhone 6 this birthday!! And when that day comes, and actually when her parents buy it, a hug, small thank you and then, then what? She just gets stuck on that phone. That’s it. All over. Though her parents didn’t expect anything. Love.

You got a life, you can breath, now you are reading this, your mind can understand this, so ever thanked God for this? No. What you think is somewhat like this. Why my life is not better? Why I am not like him? Why she is more beautiful than my wife? This. This really spoils the purpose. Expectations, we can never get over them. Better to go underneath them. Don’t expect anything. Take whatever comes in your life with both hands, just like we breath unpure air with our two nostrils, then analyse them, differentiate good from bad, and exhale the negative energy. See, how simple.

So now what are expecting me to write? Whether I can change your life by a post or not? Whether I can inspire you are not? I don’t know. Never expect. Just sit down. Think for a while, what you have, rather than what you want! You will feel better.

Just love your life. Never expect anything from that love. Because love is limitless. And expectation is a limit.


Thanks for reading.