So imagination? What comes in your mind if I tell you to define imagination. I know first of all what you will do is imagine how to define it. And yes, that’s imagination. It doesn’t have an exact definition. Because it is imaginary. So what is the power of imagination? Lets say this, Creator imagined this world, and we are just living his imagination. That’s the power. A decision however small or big it may be, it is taken in just a small room. The room of brain. The room of imagination. Imagination is magic. Imagination is about the nation and it’s better future. Imagine yourself after 10 years, what you want to be? Be that now. Live that imagination. You have the power to imagine yourself as the president of the world. But remember if you imagine so, then you have the responsibilities too. Because the tougher tasks needs the tougher shoulders. So imagine what you want to be. Where lies your passion. And try to live it. Achieve it. Move towards it. Don’t see how much time it takes. Time is just a concept defined in books. Be realistic. The period you take to convert your imagination into reality, is your time. Everyone has their own imagination and their own time. Just follow your instincts and one day you will be happy with the decision you took. The first step to reach your destiny, is to imagine yourself reaching it. Then come back to reality and re-live your imagination.

Thanks for reading.

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