Right to live.


Right to live? Where? In this hell. Well, we are the owners of this hell. Why we take this right to live in a wrong way? Why we as humans have left our property of humanity? By seeing the activities at the Yulin fest, who will be happy to be humans? We are day by day losing happiness, peace and love for nature. Why? What is the reason for such loss? Why we can’t see the truth with our open eyes? May be we never think with closed eyes. With open eyed thinking our good thoughts escape from our eyes and we are left with only negative thoughts! Please guys, wake up! Life is short, don’t make it shorter. Live happily, with others too. Mutual cooperation is the dire requirement. Let the humanity grow on trees, let magic flow in air, let sorrows flow away in water, let your passion burn in fire, let your inspiration spread with wind, let the world free from it’s prison. So please don’t just be a human, act like a human. We have a right to live, so live it in a right way.

Thanks for reading, humans.

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