Nowadays people have become blind. They just believe in magic only if they see with their eyes. That’s very narrow minded thought. You never saw the creation of this earth, but it’s magic. Everything we see is just an illusion, unless we see it with our inner eyes, the inner strength. The eyes are given us to see the things and then feel them with our closed eyes. With our inner eyes. We have a rear cam to see the world, but not front cam to see ourselves. We have lost the power to hold the front cams. With our black and white (in general) eyes we can see the colorful world. But the blind people are gifted with inner colorful eyes. They can see themselves as colorful. They hide magic not in their eyes, but on the other side of their eyes. Be more visionary with closed eyes. There are no lens available in the market for inner eyes. 

Readers, thank you so much for reading.


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