PASSION- PASS the positive IONs

What is passion? Passion is the passage of humans from a normal boring work to interesting creative work. Just we need is to escape from that passage. No we can’t find that passage anywhere else in the world, but just in one’s own heart. If your dreams in brain match with your passion in heart, believe me, you are invincible. You have found the perfect code for a magical living. Why to live just for living if you are gonna life once? Yes, sometimes we are helpless, but your passion should not be switched off in your heart during that time. You have to work on that passion, doesn’t matter if anyone else cares about it or not. You have to breath on your own.

When Sun found it’s passion and started to burn, no one saw it. It use to think, what is my purpose? No one sees me. No one knows about my existence. But still Sun didn’t give up. It burnt with its full energy. Positive energy.  It is then God understood the passion of Sun. God thought that yes, there has to be someone who have to appreciate sun for its burning passion. Then we, humans were given a chance to fulfill the passion of Sun. We can see the enormous sun burning, just because it burns. Else there would have been complete darkness. And passion is not just doing your own work. It is to inspire others. Sun inspired moon that she can also draw inspiration from Sun, and shine with its own passion. It is then the moon, believed in it’s own passion, and shined with its amazing silver armour. Armour of belief.
Find your passion. It is hidden somewhere in your heart. May be in darkness. Take a torch of good thoughts from brain, and then search for your passion. It will instantly shine in your heart. We are not here to be noticed. We are here to find. To notice. The passion in us. The passion in others.

And I am concluding it here, PASSION is PASSing of positive IONs from brain to heart, for a perfect chemical reaction of creativity as a product, and remember, getting famous is just a by-product.

Thanks for reading fellow readers/bloggers. I just hope that these words act as a catalyst in the chemical reaction of your passion for a creative living. 

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