Hello readers, thanks for stopping by. So let us start today with the topic happiness! Yea, the rare feelings first.
So can we smile when we are not happy? Some say no, I will just say yes. Why not? Smile is for lips. Don’t people smile infront of cameras? Does it mean that they are really happy? No, they are just smiling.


Yes, that’s true. Some people smile only infront of cameras, and let me tell you our eyes are not cameras. They just smile so that they are not vulnerable to people’squestions about their unhappiness. Why? Why we all as a whole are becoming good actors/actresses! We conceal our feelings well in a small dark room in our heart. And the darkness takes over our happiness. No guys, let people know, put a light on your feelings and let people know how you feel. Never, never open up to all. There are some whom your heart trusts, go for them. Because
not everyone is there to hold you with fingers. There are many waiting to hold you with their sharp nails. Be aware. 


So once you open up with people whom you trust, you will feel happy once they try to understand you and help you with all their heart out. Though the smile may not be visible on the lips, your heart will be full of happiness. You will feel that you can have a new start, new life and for sure inspiration. It can be seen then in your eyes, with the new found happiness and burning passion.
So now tell me do you have to smile when you are happy? I don’t think so. Let people see it in your eyes and identify it.


So want to conclude it here,
Smile is for lips and happiness is for heart. I know this has been a long read, just hope your happiness lasts as longer as this, or even more.. Haha..

Thank you for reading. Always feel free to give feedback.

Ego- Time to go.

Ego, the trending topic in any relationship, always becomes the reason for a relationship to face inequalities and then indifferences and then they want only one thing, independence from each other.
So where this ego comes from?
It comes from the womb of hatred, that may be on anything, your work, your state of mind, or your partner’s popularity (in some cases). But remember, you can never clap with one hand. So one of them has to try to maintain the relationship by assessing the situations. Keep out the negative thoughts. Never let them come inside the mind. Because it rules over the heart and may destroy love from it. ONLY WHAT YOU EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH, REACHES YOUR STOMACH.

So we have to try to understand the position of our loved ones, try to control their anger, their depression show love to them, don’t let them feel lonely. Always keep the atmosphere cool and peaceful.

We will live here for only for a few years. Our bodies are on rent, we have to pay for it by showing love to our loved ones. We are not forever, how can we expect our relationships to be permanent?
To be frank, there is where people give up. I can live my life in my own way once we fall apart from him, and thinking like that ego builds up and multiplies in our mind like an indestructible virus.

So I am not here to judge people, their mentality, their mind set or involve in their relationship. I am just trying to remove the word ego using e-net. Now we all have e-mail e-commerce etc. So time to start EGO E-GO. Time to destroy Ego using internet. Try to share your feeling with people who are there to help people who are under depression. You will definitely feel better and come over your ego. So guys relationship are there to be maintained forever. Just like with you and your blog, you and your readers. Like me and you.

Readers, Thank you for reading. I just type whatever comes in my mind instantly. So if grammatical mistakes have somehow found a place in my post, you are free to give me a feedback on that. I will re-edit the content. This is how the relationship should be, in my opinion. Haha.



Nowadays people have become blind. They just believe in magic only if they see with their eyes. That’s very narrow minded thought. You never saw the creation of this earth, but it’s magic. Everything we see is just an illusion, unless we see it with our inner eyes, the inner strength. The eyes are given us to see the things and then feel them with our closed eyes. With our inner eyes. We have a rear cam to see the world, but not front cam to see ourselves. We have lost the power to hold the front cams. With our black and white (in general) eyes we can see the colorful world. But the blind people are gifted with inner colorful eyes. They can see themselves as colorful. They hide magic not in their eyes, but on the other side of their eyes. Be more visionary with closed eyes. There are no lens available in the market for inner eyes. 

Readers, thank you so much for reading.


So imagination? What comes in your mind if I tell you to define imagination. I know first of all what you will do is imagine how to define it. And yes, that’s imagination. It doesn’t have an exact definition. Because it is imaginary. So what is the power of imagination? Lets say this, Creator imagined this world, and we are just living his imagination. That’s the power. A decision however small or big it may be, it is taken in just a small room. The room of brain. The room of imagination. Imagination is magic. Imagination is about the nation and it’s better future. Imagine yourself after 10 years, what you want to be? Be that now. Live that imagination. You have the power to imagine yourself as the president of the world. But remember if you imagine so, then you have the responsibilities too. Because the tougher tasks needs the tougher shoulders. So imagine what you want to be. Where lies your passion. And try to live it. Achieve it. Move towards it. Don’t see how much time it takes. Time is just a concept defined in books. Be realistic. The period you take to convert your imagination into reality, is your time. Everyone has their own imagination and their own time. Just follow your instincts and one day you will be happy with the decision you took. The first step to reach your destiny, is to imagine yourself reaching it. Then come back to reality and re-live your imagination.

Thanks for reading.



Problems. Yes. They are like seasons. They will come, anyway. Sometimes in a huge amount like floods or sometimes too less like drought. Sometimes they are necessary to our lives, to know our capability of how to deal them. If you can’t solve the problem it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to solve. It is just that you are looking only for solution, not the root of the problem. Think deep, there lies the solution, from where the problem began. If you won’t solve it within time, it will become a bigger one. And if you have solved that problem, then get ready for the next one. That’s life.

Thanks for reading.