Levitate your soul

To complain about this abstruse perplexing life, is like complicating it further by our baseless assumptions. Trying to find the purpose of this life seems more meaningful and way simpler. Devoid of light, we wander in this colorful darkness, with these black and white eyes. We are going oblique from the reason for which we are sent here. The animosity in us to succeed further of our fellow-wanderers have made us completely inhuman.

We lack the mental acumen in seeking the purpose of this life.   Life which is a blessing is turning into a curse and even worse. We will live only once, even if our soul gets another life we will never know it. So what’s the use of success without purpose? We are in dire need to foster our humanity lying deeper in us, which is overshadowed by our ignorance and this layered skin searching for identity. We are all just broken pieces of a complete soul. Complete universe.

We are not sent here to make an identity, we are here to identify. The good and the bad. We should lay a path for the coming generations to decide wisely the petty difference between the right and the wrong. A path of being witty. The Vedas and shlokas, all are laid on one foundation. To be able to decide what is good and what is bad, and not only that, but also following the right path. Following a right path is not a choice, it should be the only option.

How long we will cheat the affable atmosphere? How long we will spend our lives captured in these forlorn emotions and ghastly thoughts? How long we will commit the same banal mistake of taking everthing for granted? It is time to be fastidious to the warning of the acrimonious natural environment.

Ever tried to juxtapose between happiness and sadness? The result yielded is shocking! Both happiness and sadness are equal by their properties and characteristics. The difference is just how we feel them. The proof to the adage that “Human-beings are the most dexterous race of all beings” is still due. Let’s prove it.

Tomorrow is August First. Let’s take a decision. Decision to efface all the negative thoughts and troubles from our mind, and work towards levitating our soul. Yes, Levitate your soul.

Thanks for reading.

A generator of happiness is within

Happiness knows how to knock the doors of our life, but sadness is adept in breaking those doors.

So ever thought why people search for happiness? Because they never hear the knock of happiness on their doors. The happiness which loses control, after repeated knocking becomes angry, and break those doors. The anger converts that happiness into sadness. The anger is because of our ignorance.

We have a generator of happiness fixed in our brain. But we are unaware of its existence. The fuel for that generation is our positive attitude towards life. One good thought for a day is enough to run that generator. You can’t see the generator but you can feel its production, Happiness.

You don’t have to special in 8 billion people. You have to be happy in these 8 billion people. If you can accept awards with happiness, try to accept challenges with happiness. Arrange meetings with those challenges. Talk with those challenges. Try to understand their problem and requirements. Challenges are like a unsolved puzzle. They have chosen you to solve it. You are the last Hope for them. Do you know what they will give you in return? Happiness. Yes. Satisfactory Happiness. At least do it for your own advantage.

So from today, think that everything is trying to give you happiness in its own mysterious way. Even though if sadness break those doors, isn’t it a blessing in disguise? From the next time you don’t have to wait for the knock of happiness. It is free to walk in.

Keep the generator in operation. Thanks for reading.

Smokey desires and passionate flames

Our desires are similar to smoke,
Our passion is similar to fire.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know about the destination but cannot reach it? You started the journey towards the destination but you lost the track of the direction in the middle? Why? Because you were going for desire without passion.

You were going for smoke. You knew the destination, so you followed the direction, where smoke took you. But remember, smoke travels only for a small distance, then it gets diluted in air. Though smoke travels quickly, it can’t travel for a long time. So you will be left with darkness in the middle of the journey to destination. Complete darkness. You can neither go further nor to the point where you started. You will be lost. Captured in darkness. But because of darkness, you will feel you are free and end up being nowhere. So you have to find a flame, that guides you with every step.

Have you ever been a situation where you know that this is the perfect direction for you but you don’t the destination? You can see the direction leads to success, but you are not aware of what that success is? Why? Because you were going for passionate desire.
You were going for fire. You were going for flame. You can’t see the destination with a flame alone, but it will show you the direction in which you are going. Direction to the destination. At any point of time, you can turn back if you feel that you were going for flame, which was lit for someone else. You can come back and start again. Because you can see the direction. Don’t think that the flame is lit to find the direction alone, sometimes you have to stop searching for next step and help others who are wandering in darkness. To lit the candles of others, will not do any harm to your candle. Instead candle will be brighter than before.

This is what the first two lines of this post means. Passion is about having knowledge of direction, which is enough. Smoke is like desires, will not last long. Flame is like passion, made for the reason that it can be carried forward.

Be careful. Don’t let flame of passion to be lit off, else you will be left with smokey desires and then darkness. Complete darkness. So keep the flame alive, let the passion burn and show the world the real WINGS OF FIRE. (You are alive in the fire of people. In the burning passion of people). 

Thanks for reading.

Fishing the thoughts

Ladder to success is not a ladder to climb. It is a ladder to descend. To descend you dreams. To land your dreams, which fly high in air, on surface. To give a form to your dreams. To convert them into reality. Success is what people will call it. But success is doing what gives satisfaction to you. Doing which, you don’t feel it as work. You feel it as life. Your world. The dreams which you grow in your head shouldn’t die fruitless. They need a basket to be kept in. That basket is reality. Collect those fruits of dream and put them in basket of reality.

Thoughts need a place to live in reality. They can’t wander all the time, they need rest for sometime. But we give rest to those thoughts for life time, without giving them a chance to wander. We captured those thoughts in our brain, and hold them in those colorless walls of our body. So let the thoughts travel from one mind to the other so that the journey becomes the home for thoughts to find an ultimate home.

Thoughts can neither be taught nor can be bought. They should be brought, from the river flowing inside the brain. Yes. Our mind is like a river flowing with continuous pace. Thoughts are like fishes in it. If we catch those fishes, we can convert them into ideas. People will feed on those ideas and which will result in a chain reaction of thoughts. And the best part is, that eating those fishy thoughts will not be considered as non-vegetarianism. Isn’t it great? We all can be vegetarians. So guys, happy fishing.

Thanks for reading.

Don’t give ears to Fear

Fear is one of the most self-destructive feeling known so far. Fear, not necessarily lands in your brain only in failure, it even finds a space in your success. Being successful can give rise to fear, for the reason of responsibility to keep the work in pace with success. Failure is the big accomplishment that attracts Fear with more intensity. It is like a password to fear. Yes, failure is a accomplishment, because without failure, you will never know how to succeed from depth. You will just know how to succeed from surface if you don’t face failure.

We all are defective pieces. The creator doesn’t have time to find our defects and rectify them. So he wrote a testing code on our palm lines, which while running will show us our defects and errors. He gave us all the rectifying tools well packed in our brain. And key is in one of our four chambers of heart. It is like a puzzle. You have to find the key when you get notified with your defects. But you can find the key, only if you don’t give your ears to fear. If you give your ears to fear, fear will echo about your defects and errors in your ears, in a loop for years, and key to success will be lost forever. So be positive. Don’t give your ears. Just show your back to fear.

Run the testing software, find your defects and work in the direction of rectifying those defects. Don’t strive for perfection, just keep deleting your defects. That’s the real perfection. Enjoy the process and give the best output to the creator.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


Be the tsunami. Be the idea that gives rise to tsunami of thoughts. Let the tsunami of creative thoughts spread throughout your brain and wash away all the negative energy residing in shadows of your neurons. Let the waves destroy all the illusion that has occupied your brain trying to destroy your existence. Yes, just one small drop of thought, enough to create that tsunami. One tsunami of thoughts, is all it takes to change the direction of your life, to bring the things back to the place where they belong, to take you to the place where you deserve. This one thought will decide the future of thousands of ideas that are gonna take birth in your brain.

Be the sun. Burning from inside and shining on outside. Give light to the people around you, even if you are in a breaking verge. Let the heat in you spread to such a depth, that even your passion burns and coverts all the doubts into ashes. The heat of your passion will convert your ideas into a reality. The character you always play yourself in your head, will be playing in reality. You will be a living idea to draw inspiration from. Your fire in passion will decide the future of thousands of ideas waiting to convert into reality.

Be the water rinsing away all  the negative energy. Be the fire turning down all the doubts into ashes.

Thanks for reading. Have a peaceful Sunday.