You have to Paint it on your own

Hello, So what inspiration means to you? Inspiration is not to become the person/thing you are inspired from, it is to find the inspiration within oneself by taking the inspirational light from others.
Inspiration is to know the very purpose of our existence. I firmly believe this ‘You can draw inspiration from others, but you have to paint this drawing (the outline) with your own colors.’ You have to paint it on your own. Inspiration is just like oxygen in air. You just need more than two nostrils to breath inspiration. You need to remove the negativity from your brain. Still if you can’t remove this darkness, start shining in brightness. Don’t measure success with fame. If you do so you will be successfool. Even if you break Success in parts, it says, Yes (S). You (U) see (C) sea (CE). Assess. (SS). Now,yes. you see sea, assess. It doesn’t make sense, because you didn’t assess it. You just read it. If you can see the sea, you have to assess, what is success? To run like waves, throughout the life, without a chance of belonging to either bank of a river? Or success is to drown in water and find its depth? Or success is to travel in a boat, and relish the beautiful journey? Or success is to sit on the bank, with hand in hand with soulmate, and look at the beautiful sun-set?
So as I say, inspiration can be drawn from others. But it is just outline. There are many ways to paint that outline. It depends on you the way you paint it. 

So, find the inspirational light from others and paint it with your colors of success. Thanks for reading.

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