Words: Their World and their God

The Words hanging on the edge of the neurons, are screaming to come out.

Letters roaming in darkness, are rowing in the rivers of brain, to find the meanings of their existence. The world of brain is filled with 71% of water.

Sentences seated in a series of words are offering a mass prayer to their God, to fulfill their desires and to spread light in their dark world.

Paragraphs are conducting experiments to find the existence of God. They believe that there is someone superior, who runs this world and gives birth to so many fellow beings of words, sentences, paragraphs and letters. They are trying to find out the reasons of natural disasters of Anger, hatred and sadness in their world.

The world of Brain, Brainsland, is in panic, the living brings of that world, Words, are out of control. They are not able to find that how the population of their country is increasing in such a drastic exponential way. The words are so upset with their God, that the God is using them in a wrong way and in a high intensity volume.

The God of this dark world, Brain, is you. The person who carries the universe of Brain, is the God of it. So try to fulfill the desires and wishes of them. You are their God. You are their almighty. Give them light, use the words in a right way (speak truth). Don’t use them with a high volume (Speak in a gentle tone). Don’t increase the population of them by thinking too much. Give them the meaning of their existence. Prove that, you are their God, their almighty. They can never see you, but they can feel you. Let them feel your existence. 

Thanks for reading. Have a peaceful Sunday.


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