Transmogrify your life

There’s nothing like thinking out of the box. Because thoughts can never be confined in a box. In real, thinking out of the box means THINK while you are out of the box, because one day you will just lay life-less in a box.

Never stop thinking. Your thoughts can change the way you see the world. You are here for creating an impact. Don’t drown in emotions of inferiority and kill those thoughts. They deserve to live. They deserve to live in the hearts of people. Don’t be the reason for the death of thoughts in your mind. If you kill them then the ghosts of those thoughts will never stop haunting you. So let them live. Transfer them out of your brain. Transmogrify your life by those thoughts.

If you prefer happiness rather than Ego in Earth, which is h prior to e, then Earth transforms into hEart.

So can we all work towards transformation of Earth into Heart, which beats enough to keep us alive. And this transformation will make not only keep us alive but also will make us feel lively. So keep thinking. Keep evolving. Transmogrify your life while you are out of the box.

Keeping this short and simple. Thanks for reading.

Give wheels to your life- Let the dreams roll

One day you will regret that you were living in nightmares of reality but not in reality of dreams.

People who had conquered over their reality and followed their dreams, are the sole reason we can see their dreams living in reality. The way we fly in air, I mean, travelling by the means of  aeroplanes, wouldn’t have been possible if the Wright brothers had not followed their dreams. Their path was not easy, many people made fun of them. And see, now we feel like fun travelling in the reality of their dreams. The dream which taught the world the way to fly.

Dreams are not meant only for closed eyes. We can also dream with our open eyes. Dreams are the portals which takes us away from a place where we are to a place where we want to be. The only thing we have to do is to connect the path between these two worlds. Yea, I know it is not easy, but it is worth the journey. Just imagine the dreams in which you live, your future should live in reality of that dream!

What’s stopping you to follow your dream? The cruel world is just an illusion which doesn’t let our dream come true. Let the world dream you are their victim of time, but you never let off your dreams. Work in veil. Day by day step closer to your dreams. In real life, you have to find a right direction for a destiny. But in an attempt to convert your dreams into reality, every step you take will be in the right direction.

The dreams with closed eyes are a result of farrago of your distant memories and thoughts. But the dreams with open eyes tells about your purpose of life and how to give wheels to the purpose.


Image source: Daily Quotes

When you don’t have dreams about your future, you are just living without a purpose. Having dreams about future doesn’t mean living in future, it means laying a path between your present to the world where you want to be in future. Dreams are like a heart-beat, which gives us a feeling of being alive every second. Dreams are just dreams unless you try to convert them into reality. When we sleep, we dream with closed eyes. The dreams dreamt with open eyes are the ones which doesn’t let us sleep. If you leave your dreams just as dreams, then the path to find your purpose of life will be just a dream.

So dream about your future and lay a path from your present to connect to that future. Give wheels to your life. Keep rolling. Thanks for reading.

Refurbish the way you think- A new outlook

A new outlook to your thinking can bring back the creativity which left you because of your common humdrum thinking.

You live in a place where your thoughts wander. So your state of mind decides where you want to be! Our thinking takes us to the next moment in our life. You can never move forward in life, if your thinking is not refurbished once in a while. Think to do something which gives happiness to your innerself. That’s the only way to keep our passion alive. Else I fear the world will lose all its passion, and will become slaves of technology.

Ever thought why we feel life-less with this monotonous life? Because there is no creativity in it. Most of the things which we do on a daily basis are either fixed or involves no specific thinking. A stopped clock shows right time two times a day. We are the same. We feel alive only 2 times a day. When we wake up, we  know we are alive and when we sleep we think at least our dreams will be lively. Rest of the time we do things which are necessary for living, but not for purpose of our life. Can’t blame anyone! Such is the system.

Imagine your thoughts are like a match stick, your mind is like a match box and Creativity is like a candle. If you rub match stick to a match box, it will ignite. But if you rub candle to a match box?! Will it? See. Similarly, we can rub thoughts with our brain, but not creativity. We can ignite our thoughts and then we can bring creativity in it. Only if our thoughts are enlightened, then creativity will be sparked from it.

Find a place where your thoughts wander happily without fear. A place where your thoughts feel like home. We all are born as detectives, yes, to detect our passion and follow it. But how can you detect your passion if your thoughts wander without a direction. Give a direction to your thoughts. Give a direction to your life. Refurbish your thoughts. Refurbish the way you think.

Thanks for reading.

Teach your thoughts how to walk

If you don’t have a destination in mind,
Your legs will never move in a right direction.
If you don’t know where you are going,
your mind will not be able to decide whether it is right direction or not!

Just like our heart-beat is responsible for taking us to the next moment in our life, our thoughts are responsible for taking us to the next step in our life. So a good thought everyday will take you one step nearer to your destiny. Don’t try to reach the destiny in a hurry, if you do so you will fall and after you fall down the width of these steps will be increased. Which means you have to put more effort to reach the destiny. So, have faith and believe in timing of destiny.

If your thoughts get stuck, take a walk. In that way, your thoughts will learn how to walk!!

Thanks for reading. Have a happy Sunday.

69th INDIApendence de – Celebrating 68 years of Freedom

Independence is not for a country, it is for her citizens. Independence is not for bodies, it is for the soul.

India got independence from British rule on 15th August 1947. Lot of sacrifices, Marches and revolutions were the cause so that we got independence as an effect. Being the largest democratic country and which believes in unity in diversity, India is known for not to wage a war on any other country throughout its history.

So today on 15th August 2015, let’s celebrate the joy of freedom, the bliss of being independent, the pride of being an Indian. But not to forget that we all are global citizens undivided by any border. We all are images of one worldly soul. We all are the pieces of one mother soul living in order to achieve peace. So, if we divide a place by country, we are dividing a part of ourself without which we are incomplete. Each piece obtain its independence on its own in order to become fit for the perplexing puzzle of life. India, one of the pieces of Soul, got  independence on this date. Freedom which is for the Indians, of the Indians and by the Indians.

Independence is the freedom from being divided. Saluting to all the brave and kind souls which sacrificed their existence in order to make us feel the existence of being Indpendent.


Asaan nahi tha azaadi ka ye safar,
Hazaaro ki qurbaani ka hai ye asar,
Aaj bhi hote hai log suffer, aata hai kya tumhe nazar?
Housla do unhe iss tarah, that they will feel better,
Kuch aisa karo ki vo kare apne aap pe fakar,
Mann ki azaadi ke liye, don’t let your dreams buffer.

It was not easy, the journey of independence,
This is the effect of sacrifices of thousands,
Even today lot of them suffer,
Do something for them that they will feel better and proud of themselves,
In order to free your soul, don’t let your dreams buffer.

Thanks for reading. Jai Hind.

Power of Transformation

If you don’t let go some things which are meant to go in time, then when they will go, they will take you, along with them.

Some things in our life are meant to go. If they don’t go in time, then some important things don’t come in our life. Because we can only hold limited weight of things in our brain. We are not as kind as mother Earth to hold everything for a lifetime. As I have said before Memories have weight, but there are few more things which have weight and higher impact.

Fear which enters our body in a malnutrition state, gets energy from our negative thoughts and in within few moments it becomes a critical patient of obesity. The reason is that fear doesn’t just satisfy by eating away our thoughts, it starts eating our neurons, our happiness and our peace. So when in fear, you feel hungry for inspiration and for peace. So never feed your happiness and peace to fear. Let it die in the malnutrition state itself.

Anger in our mind is like a baby in a womb. It is born because of taking a view of someone and comparing it to your view on it. If it doesn’t match, anger is born. Anger is son of negative comparison and wrong judgement. Anger takes away all the information in our mind to abyss and feeds on them. So our mind is blank in the times of anger, and we react to the situation without any thought. Within 9 seconds the dwarf anger turns into a giant anger which causes headache because our mind can’t tolerate such height and weight. So kill anger in its baby state.

So what to do? They say practically it is impossible to let things go. May be its true because we leave a part of us in things we spend time with. We can leave the things, but how can we let go the parts of ourselves! Then you have to think about working of a rocket. During its launch, it is equipped with many levels and stages. They are necessary for the launch. But as soon as the rocket reaches a predicted distance, it has to let go the stages one by one. Yes, letting go is important for efficiency of life. If you hold things like attachment, ego, hatred, anger and fear in your mind, then one day you may disappear in them.

So let them go the moment they arrive in your mind. Tell them that you are not renting your happiness and peace for the sake of the hunger and growth of fear and anger. Let them die due to POVERTY of hunger. Hunger for negativity. Negativity which eats away all your happiness and peace. That’s the real POWER of T. Power of Transformation. Let go things and transform yourself. Happy transformation.

Thanks for reading.