It’s time to correct the tERROR

Hatred spreads quickly than love because hatred destroys everything that comes in it’s way, whereas love builds everything that comes in it’s way. So we should stop spreading hatred and should start spreading love.


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In this critical moment of time, we all should stand together and bind with love leaving no space for hatred. Terrorism which is filling people’s hearts with fear should end. It’s not time to give ears to fear. It’s time to let go Ego and every religion should unite and stand firm against terrorism. Because fear occupies the place which is filled with negative thoughts where as confidence gives rise to positivity in ourselves. It’s time to be the warrior, with Mouth as bow and peace as arrows. Talk peace. Spread love.

Recent attacks on Paris are a major setback to the living style of people all over the world. The attacks are shocking as well as brutal. Now it’s not time to sit. It’s time to stand, stand together. Hatred and violence in between religions is not the solution to this. It’s time to remove such acts from it’s roots. All religions stand against such acts of war and terror, so there is no reason to blame any religion. We have to correct that error. Extremists belong to no religion, they are not at all humans. All religions are against violence and now it’s time for all countries and religions to stand together and face this issue of terrorism to its end. Let’s remove all these barriers of religions. Religions are just different languages to understand God. Peace is the foundation in every religion. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to implement this and soon. Once these roots of power loving extremists are removed, our world will be filled with Love, once again.


Image source: Quotesgram

It’s not about being positiVE or negatiVE, it’s all about being in loVE. So let’s fall in love with this beautiful life again. Let’s make our world a beautiful place again.

In peace of our minds, the happiness of our soul rests. Thanks for reading.

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