The hidden light to our open eyes

Things can be seen clearly only when light falls on them or else only when they start shining in darkness.

When do you feel more powerful? When do you want yourself to be more powerful? In happy times or the dark times? In happy times, you are not that powerful when compared to your dark times. When you are in a mood of happiness, you don’t try to improve yourself. You think you have everything in your control. But when the clouds of dark times start roaming on your head, you sense the danger and your happiness dries up. 

You start thinking about how to face that danger and overcome it. Only in dark times you come to know how strong you are from within. Dark times come to make you strong. In happier times, you feel everything is going right and you don’t have any thing to worry about. In dark times your mind gets a new project. To overcome that darkness. Your job is to remove that darkness or start shining from inside. You tend to see everything with a dark shade in dark times. When light in you is missing, you tend to see things with less intensity. Everything looks as messed up.

In that time, remember one thing, this darkness is not for you. This darkness is for others. You are in a veil. Miracles happen in darkness. This a veil for others to keep them away from you. So that they can’t see you growing. You will grow in this darkness. You will be stronger. Not completely, but to some extent.

The growth of things in darkness is not a new concept. It is one of those concepts which exist from day one of this Universe. Our creator has written the great lessons of life and placed them in nature. Sun, moon, seasons, trees, mountains, oxygen all teach us a specific lesson which we can understand only with our closed eyes. Sun, which shines throughout the day, always brightens up the world. We can see things the way they look as there is light upon the things. But there is no specific growth in this stage of day. This is the times of happiness.

When the night falls, when the light disappears, then its the real challenge. Everything disappears, there is no light from the sky. And there is no light within. This is how the dark times of our life are. But gaining energy from Sun, the moon started glowing from inside. Day by day, it started receiving more light from sun, and night by night it started glowing brighter and became more stronger. In dark times, your creativity finds a way to come out and shine. This is what should we do. Find the light within. Start shining in the darkness. Fill your soul with light or else start shining in darkness. We can receive light from others, but making it useful during the dark times depends on us.

Thanks for reading.

Heavenly Earth and demons from Hell

Life is like Love In Folded Envelopes. Yes. We gift people with folded envelopes on different occasions. We give them with love. Similarly we are gifted from heaven to earth as gifts, with love. We are the proof of love between heaven and Earth. So we have to justify their love, as Earth is in trouble, as it is in danger. Danger of extinction.

We are made from love. Different elements are mixed in us with different proportions. Water for transportation in our body, fire for digestion, air for respiration and wind for voice( Sound box). We are gifts created with atmost care. We are here to deliver the decoded message of heaven to Earth. But we, instead of trying to decode the message of Heaven, we are trying to decode the message of ourselves. The purpose of ours for being in this land. We are trying to find the reason for our existence.

The opposition of heaven, Hell, is trying to conquer the Heavenly Earth by sending its demons in this Earth. Anger, Ego, depression, violence are some of the dangerous demons who have already entered into the province of Earth. And many others are waiting to enter the Earth. They are trying to destroy the message decoded in us, the gifts of Heaven to Earth, so that Earth can never understand the love of Heaven.

Are we so selfish? The reason for which we are here, to save this Earth from the purgatory, are we forgetting that reason? . Wake up. The message will be decoded according to time. Just save this Earth from self-destruction. Stay strong. Keep the land clean. And mind resistive to the demons of Hell. Be the warrior. Only on your hands, the Earth is residing. Bring out the warrior in you.

Thanks for reading.