K is for Kaleidoscopic knowledge: Day-11

“Life is a Kaleidoscope of colors with colors being the people. They keep changing by showing us their different colors and angles. The thing is that there is no tool to set or adjust the colors according to our need. Knowing this thing is knowledge.”

Life is the kaleidoscopic  tube, our eye is the eyepiece. Time the adjusting phenomenon which keeps adjusting different situations. People are the colors which keeps changing according to the situations. Sometimes we see their rainbow angle and sometimes we see their gray shade. We can’t do much. As time passes on, colors change, people change, situations change, feelings change, emotions change. Everything just keep changing. We have no command over it. It is a kaleidoscopic life. We have to accept it. After some time, colors fade, eyes go blind and time stops ticking. It is black. Then what? New colors are added to the kaleidoscope, time have been reset and new eyes are ready to see through eye piece. Again colors keep changing, people start changing, we keep judging, everything keep changing. . That is life. . Kaleidoscopic life. And accepting it is knowledge, Kaleidoscopic Knowledge.Kaleidoscope

Image source: Picture Quotes

This is my entry for A to Z challenge . It is already day 10 and it is on the letter ‘K’. ‘K’ is for Kaleidoscopic Knowledge. Accept it.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it?

And as always, thanks for reading. Accepting the truth is knowledge. Have a great week ahead.

Sorry for late. I think time is running too fast in my  life recently. I think it is changing quickly. I just have to accept. I am too much occupied. I started writing on this at 11:31 pm. I wanted to write and post it before 12 am. Even I thought quickly, wrote less, typed quicker than ever before, searched for pics at light speed, added them, linked them in hurry, still I was unable to post it on time. When the clock struck down 12, I  was just typing the above paragraph. Then I slowed down. So I am about to press Publish, its 12:11 am. Here I go.