S is for Seasons of life: Day-19

“The emotions we express are the seasons of heart, seasons of life. Don’t pollute them. Save Earth. Save Hearts.”

We are made of magnetic hearts. They attract feelings depending upon the compositions of emotions in them. They attract happiness, curiosity, anxiety, insecurity, craziness, creativity etc depending upon the state of mind. With our mind state, the seasons (emotions) of hearts are decided. We are never attracted to the same things with same feelings even though the compositions and situations are same in both cases. Just like seasons. There are many external factors involved. Don’t search for them. Be confident and always keep your state of mind cool and calm.

They are locked in the chambers of heart, each chamber holding a different set of pre-defined statements. Some of them include ‘laws of attraction according to state of mind’ and ‘Different compositions of emotions and their magnetic effects’. Don’t think with heart. Just feel with your heart.

The happiness, the anxiety, the curiosity, the love, success, failure etc. Enjoy them. They are seasons of Heart. Similar to Summer, Winter and monsoon being the seasons of nature. Don’t spoil these seasons. Else natural disasters may occur. And even don’t play hard with Heart, these magnetic hearts may lose their Magnetic properties. Be cautious. Enjoy the seasons. Because they are seasons of life. Even when you fail, keep working towards your goal because this season will change and you will gain success depending on your hard work.


Image Source: Brainy quote

This is my entry for A to Z challenge . It is already day 19 and it is on the letter ‘S’. ‘S’ is for Seasons of life. We have to appreciate them.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it?

And as always, thanks for reading. Have a good and happy weekend. Take care.