Abundance of happiness

When people think of life as a deal, it becomes more complex situation which we cannot deal with.

Deal is something in which we give away something to receive something else. But on the other hand, Life is always about giving and spreading happiness.

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Time is a place. There are three different regions in this place and there are even boundaries to them which we have thinned down by our ignorance. Those regions are past, present and future. We all live in the ‘present’ region of time. We cannot change the situations in past region (our past) and cannot predict what is going on in the future region (our future). So how can we make a deal with these places! How can we export our happiness to the past, where there will be no one to utilize it and how can we import expectations from future, who are sending their junk to our region. Cut the deal. We have abundance of happiness here itself. Be in the present. This is what we are supposed to do. To give happiness to others in the same region of present and to expect nothing in return. Life is a medium to refine the soul and make it free from the prisons of cycle of life.

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful weekend. Spend good time in present region of time.

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Family and Friends are the best people to be in this present region. Because happiness magnifies only in their presence. So make the most of time.

Relation between time and humans

With passing time, if you are not learning anything new, then you are not living, you are just ticking like a timer.

If you keep looking at her, she keeps sinking.
If you keep thinking about her, she keeps shrinking.
If you ignore her, she goes away quickly jumping.
When you don’t have her, she laughs at you winking.
Because she is time.

Creativity, the more you use it, the more you have it.
Food and fuel, the more you use it, the less you have it.
Interest, you use it or not, the interest on money always keep increasing.
She, whether you use it or not, she always keeps decreasing.
Because she is time.

You don’t know how much you have her,
Then why you smell faults instead of a flower!

You don’t know when she will be gone,
Still why you waste her by sticking to a phone!

You never know when she is right or wrong,
Then why don’t you listen to a melodious song!

You never know when she is fast or slow,
Then why still you are not learning to grow!

You will never get ahead of her,
Still why you keep running for her!

She is not the same for everyone,
Why you still compare yourself with what others have done!

She is not your road to walk on,
She is not your companion to walk with,
She is not your luggage to carry on your back,
She is not your mobile phone to live with,
She is not your money to exchange with,
She is not your talent to showcase,
She is not your face to make up,
She is not your loss that can be covered,
She is your profit that can be saved for future,
She is not at all yours, but she is involved in everything you do and even when you do nothing.

You are a small part of time. Make it the best part. And it is always the best time to do what you want to do, if you think so. In the entire book, there is always a quote which strikes first whenever we hear that book’s name, be that quote

The time remaining is not for covering the time which is already lost, it is for decorating moments which we create in the present. It can be done only by looking into your present actions.

Time is referred as ‘her’ just to give it a human effect.
Thanks to Maya Angelou, for her beautiful quote, which gave me the idea for this relativity.

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Thanks for reading. Make the most of time, as time never turns back. Have a beautiful week ahead.

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T is for Time: Day-20

Time is a very twisted and a turning phenomenon which never gets tired of travelling from one point to another. It takes everything with it and we never are on the same plane of time again. Time keeps creating new situations, new challenges and we have to face them and make the most of it. We have to learn from them and excel in our life. Time is the measurement quantity which we use for scheduling events and also for sequence of activities. It is not time on which we all run and live. It is on moments. Every person has his/her own sheet of time. Time always deceives us by following different patterns.

Sometimes time moves quickly than a clock and sometimes it moves slower than a turtle on a clock. But time goes nowhere. We are seeing at time depending upon our perspective. When we are busy time we feel as if time is moving quickly and we are getting bored, we feel as if time is moving slowly. It is an illusion. Our clock is not the real-time. The moments we make out of it is the only reality. With every time period there is a turning point associated with it. There is a timing. We have to sync to it to get the best of it.

Haiku on time:

Time is illusion
Only moments which we build 
is reality.  


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This is my entry for A to Z challenge . It is already day 20 and it is on the letter ‘T’. ‘T’ is for Time. Time is an illusion but there is a timing of it.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it?

And as always, thanks for reading. Have a beautiful week ahead. And also the last week of the challenge. Take care. Make the most of moments.

I have reduced the online presence to a great extent. It is like an illusion and carrying away the time away from me. So just sitting back and building real moments and cherishing them. Two days back relatives came to  our home and they were talking about present generation children remaining attached to screens ( Tv, Mobiles, Tablets, Systems and Laptops). They said everyone is wasting time for hours and losing the real moments of life. I also realized it. May be that’s the reason I am not using more than half an hour on internet these days. I feel good. Have a good time.

H is for Hour Glass: Day-8

“In time’s worksheet, we all have an hour glass on our name, in which sand of time keeps trickling with every passing moment.”

Well, we are all aware of the fact that we are here only for a limited time, but the problem is that we don’t know what that limit is. But limit is not limit in real. It’s just the turn in the cyclic process. So are we limited? May be we are limited by the number of days we live, but not by the number of ways we can live. This limited time gives us an opportunity to become what we want by assigning priorities. So never think that you are limited in achieving. You are limited just by your mind set, so be flexible with your mindset. Make the most of time by living it to the full and by focusing on the purpose of your life.

We are all living in the same moment of time at present, but not in the same moment of time in our hour glass. Our hourglasses are of different sizes, of different materials and different width of slits. This is what makes us different. We all would have been similar if there was no difference in our hour glass. This makes our life, moments, people we meet, situations different from one another. We just meet for a small amount of time in this hour glass and spend some moments together and then our hour glasses takes us to different destinations. We are meant to reach different destinations. We are just feeling things in this life-less body as we have life, not body. We are the souls of the universe. We have to work for enlightening ourselves (souls) which is our true purpose during the stay. We can turn upside down someone’s hourglass, which means by being connected with their hour glass and moving along together in the journey of life.


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Time goes on, it doesn’t care whether it goes with you or without you. May be that’s why we feel sometimes as if time is moving ahead than our life, because we are not in sync with your hourglass and we feel frustrated. No problem, forget everything because worrying just increases the gap and we lag in terms of time. Put that extra effort and get in sync with your hour glass and feel happy. Don’t get attached and struck in material life. Always remember, time often keeps saying ‘Today I May Expire’. So live your life fully in the present. Be healthy. Be strong. Be wise. Be timely. Be happy. Be hopeful.

This is my entry for A to Z challenge . It is already day 8 and it is on the letter ‘H’. H is for Hour glass.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it?

As always, Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend. Find some time for yourselves. And it’s even cricket season from today, IPL 9. Cheer your team. Tomorrow is Sunday which means break time for this challenge. Have a lovely Sunday.

Writing on the page of Life which is a time limited edition

Our life is limited by number of days, not by the number of ways we can live it. – Jackie Jain

We all are here to write down
On this time limited edition of
Life’s page with unlimited ways
Of writing it in our own unique style.

Thousands of possible combinations
But I eagerly looking for that one perfect,
I often do mistake and then stumble.
Again I wake up, reset, restart, rewrite.

Rewrite is not writing on the same page,
It is striking off the old pages and writing a
New one. But I came to know that even while
Rewriting, pages gets filled without mercy.

Every second and every page counts,
Write your life being witty and positive.
There are many ways to write, filter out
The possibilities with the least attempts.

Much population but with less humanity.
Having less ink, they steal others’ dreams.
Then with that their ink, they write their life.
Unaware that others’ ink is never compatible.

This incompatibility gave rise to unending
Elements of Greediness and selfishness.
We try to become perfect by showing others
Their flaws and thus flawing our own self.

The pages started becoming cryptic,
Destinies are going far from our reach,
Solution is to join hands with fellow humans,
Bcoz only the palm lines can decipher this cipher.

So start being witty and wise while taking a path in your life. Because on that path, on that page you have to write your life. Don’t find flaws in others, it will just complicate the already cryptic fate. Join hands, connect with souls, deactivate fault finding algorithm, restart writing your life. Every second counts, even while you were reading this post. Start writing the life in your own style, time is running. If not now? When?


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Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

The oceans and infernos of time- Universal Time

He was seeing her, she was ticking around in circles. He was aware that she can never become his companion, still he wanted her, because she rules the world. But he was unaware that she can never be any one’s companion. Because she is universal. Because she is time. Jackie Jain


Image source : Taylor in Time

I was falling down deeper and deeper in one of her endless infernos,

Her ticking hands were hovering over me with wings holding an array of arrows.

With fear of arrows, I closed my eyes. In that darkness, I saw the words taking a form of DNA structure and were also falling down along with me, but at a far distance.

I tried to view those DNA structured words more closely, and then I was shocked in an instance.

Those were the words which I didn’t express when I had her and expressing them was important then for a good cause.

I realized my mistake and asked her for one more chance. Then there was a pause.

I told her that I will use her well and will never waste a single bit of her.

I saw the ticking hands with wings dropping down the arrows and everything changed thereafter.

For the first time, I saw her without a veil, she was beautiful.

People’s descriptions about her were wrong and deceitful.

She was not strict and limited. She was filled with happiness and abundance.

She was what everyone needs and wishes about, but still no one utilizes her efficiently at least once.

She opened her eyes, it felt like she was revealing her secret to me. I saw around. But no one, except she and me were around.

I was eager to seek in her eyes, but some cogs, each moving at a different speed was what all I found.

She spoke for the first time, ‘This is how I work. This is my universe. No one can reverse my mechanism. Don’t waste me. Once I am lost, I am lost forever.’

I understood why no one can have her. Because she always keeps moving. We have to tick around in sync with her cogs to know her power.

She opened her hearts which are her cogs and showed me the cross-sectional view.

I wasn’t able to believe what I saw as what I saw was something people never knew.

I saw the seven continents and five oceans were arranged in the form of cogs, each moving with their own speed.

Thousands of moments were being written on those cogs according to the need which were difficult to read.

Seven continents namely, Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds, where people write their memories, were easily visible.

The sounds of five oceans namely Past, Present, Future, Unconscious state and Dreams, where people travel, were clearly audible.

For the first time I felt happy about her presence,

This experience gave me a purpose and time sense.

She asked me my final thoughts, I declared ‘ It will be a heinous crime,

if anyone don’t maintain you properly, because you are the universal time.’


Image source: Quotes Gram

If you don’t use the time properly, you will fall deep in the inferno of time

and if you use time properly, you will sail in oceans of time and reach your destiny in time.

Thanks for reading. Maintain her properly.