A is for Another chance: Day-1

Another chance of life is what it has been given.
All its past acts and mistakes have been forgiven.

Taking the lead it moved forward into the dark,
it knew the dogs of future will be ready to bark.

Negotiating them all, it moved ahead with sheer confidence.
Then it wore a shield of passion and everything made sense.

It knew that attachment to past and future killed its purpose,
So it isolated itself from all the time ticking over-dose.

It started to bisect its circle with other circles from various sources.
Thus the moments started to build thus giving rise to gravitational forces.

The forces made the bond stronger adding friction to the relation.
New set of moments took birth giving the parent moment a notification.

The current moments get older and with time they get weaker.
But all the moments live like a king and die like a brave soldier.

We remember their sacrifice in the form of unforgettable memories.
The soul of old moments gets into the fresh new moment’s bodies.

Another chance of life is what they have been given.
All their past acts and mistakes have been forgiven.


Image sources: Quotes Gram

I am totally excited for this 1 month long challenge, A to Z challenge . So this is my first post on the letter A. A for #AnotherChance. We all wait for another chance, which never comes. So we should take each moment as the another chance we have been given and isolate it from past and future attachments thus we can make the most of it.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it? Sign up and get your heads high for this challenge. Time is ticking, last day of signing up is 4th of April.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Hope you liked this. Keep reading. Make this month awesome.