Two lipped scissors


Hello, So why we feel like we are connected to some people in our life, though we doesn’t see any physical connection in between them and yourself. Ever felt like that? Because we are connected to them by invisible ropes of love, trust and care. And for that reason  we feel like we are connected. But it doesn’t mean that we are chained. It doesn’t mean that we are prisoned. The ropes are very elastic. They can go as far as possible, as higher as possible and as deeper as possible. Even though you leave or go away from people you care, still the invisible rope holds you with them. That’s why distance can neither separate nor cut those ropes.  But the only scissor that can cut the ropes of Love, trust and care is, Guess!?  No? Ok. I will tell.  It’s your two-lipped scissors. Your mouth. The words which you speak with those scissors can cut off the relationships. They are very powerful and can break the ropes, and once the rope is cut, it doesn’t matter whether you live with those people or not, you will never feel connected with them. So be careful. Use the two-lipped scissors to tie the knots, but not to cut the ropes of Love, trust and care.

With love, thanks for reading.

Made in Heaven


Some people feel like they don’t belong to this world. They start to think that in negative way. You don’t have to, if you really feel that belong to this place, then you are right. You were born in heaven. You belong to heaven. You are just here to change humans into heavenly.
Keeping it short. Thank you for reading.