Set free those chained thoughts

Just like we need to breathe in this moment, for life to take us to the next moment, similarly we need a little inspiration, for our time to take us into the next phase of life.

Sometimes we think too much about things which already happened in our life or things which we fear that may happen in the near future. This makes our present angry on us as we don’t give enough attention to it. Yes, our present is an attention seeker. Keep it happy. Our present is the only portal that can fulfill our dreams of tomorrow. Cherish your memories of yesterday and learn from the mistake of yesterday so that you can build new memories of tomorrow without making any wrong choices for your life.

Keep talking to yourself. What do you do keep a relation going? Keep talking, right? So keep yourself busy talking to yourself. Because no one knows about you better than your inner-self. Keep the conversations going. Build a network between your brain and heart. A bridge so that your dreams and memories can travel on it without any trouble. Let the words flowing.


Image source: Quotefancy

Don’t keep the words stuck in brain, they may chain down your thoughts. Let the words travel from your brain to your heart, there they can feel lighter as there are four chambers already accommodated for them.

No one is free in this world. Every one is chained with their own desires, ideas and deeds. Set the thoughts free. Don’t keep them in your brain, let them travel and make them grow. Keep yourself involved in talking with your inner-self. It will give you direction. There lies your destiny.

Thanks for reading.