A quote on helping others


    If you are not HELPING others
    in bringing them out of their
    dark times and depression,
    then be aware, the HELL of
    dark times may PING you
    soon in near future.
                                – Jackie Jain

Hello everyone, so Ashish of Ashish vision has nominated me for 3 Day 3 quotes challenge. So this is my quote for Day 1. Thank you so much Ashish for the nomination.

Help others in bringing them out of their dark times. There will be light in your life. You just have to spend some time in cheering them up and instilling confidence in them. Thanks for reading.

Starlight blogger award

Hurray! I am nominated for starlight blogger award by a very good friend of mine, Uma from Uma parmar. Her words flow like a river. Check out her blog. Thank you so much for the nomination.

So I have to answer her three questions.
1.) If ever given a task to write a book, which topic you will hop on to?
Ans.) I always want to see people around me inspired. So I would like to write on inspiration and belief. Because for me, without inspiration, you just grow older without growing up. Inspiration is the driving energy behind our spirit, our confidence. I wish that the pockets of people are full of inspiration rather than that invaluable minted coins.

2.) How would you define life?
Ans.) This takes me back to 6 years, when I was in tenth standard. In a slam book of my friend, it was the same question,
I wrote: // Life is a disease, for which we have to find a cure. //
So I go with the same answer. As old is gold. 😉

3.) Emotions: How do they guide an existence?
Ans.) We know that we are alive and we exist, just because we can feel that we are so. Feeling is an emotion. Without emotions we are like computers, we are like robots. Emotions can convert robots into humans.

So thank you for nomination Uma.

I don’t want to specify any one in person. As you have read till here, you are automatically nominated. You can drop your own answers to my questions in the comments itself.
Here are my set of questions:
1.) What is the importance of moral values? And why they have to be taught from childhood itself?
2.) What does happiness mean to you?
3.) One inspiring quote! (Coz I love them).

Thanks for reading.