Utilize the energy in a good way

Energy!! What is energy? Does it have a dimension or a form? What is the purpose of this energy?

Energy is a thing which keeps us going. It tells us that the flame of our purpose is still alive within us and we have to serve that purpose within time. We have to utilize this energy in serving our purpose. Energy is like a donkey. It doesn’t know what it carries. That’s why there are terms like positive energy and negative energy. Because if we utilize this new born energy in spreading good thoughts in our mind, it stimulates our body in a positive manner by giving us a positive feeling which burns our passion and sets it on fire. Which gives us happiness and peace.

But if we misuse this energy by spending it on negative thoughts then it’s like whirling wind on a burning forest. The negative thoughts will spread quickly to each part of your existence and will destroy your mindset and your hope from inside. You will just be a vessel. As we know empty vessels make more noise. So will you, as your body will become a home for anger, hatred and ego making you a slave of their dominance. So never use this energy for negative thoughts. Always think positive. Be inspired. Create a generator of inspiration within. It will generate happiness within.

Energy doesn’t have any dimensions, neither does it has a form. It just resides within us and gets utilized in the way we use it. We never know how this energy is created. But its presence is felt strongly in the morning. It is something the supreme power above us have given us to burn our passion and keep the flame alive for generations to come so that they can carry the flame forward.

So when you wake up in the morning, utilize this energy by burning it for positive thoughts, which will keep the flame for your passion alive and thus generating happiness & peace, which drives our day safely.

Your confidence and faith are responsible for sailing yourself out of storms of darkness. Energy keeps that confidence and faith alive. So utilize your energy in a good way so that you can feel the presence of supreme power above us. Stay positive. Be inspired.

** Its been a month since my last post. Sometimes I wonder how the days pass so quickly but we are still stuck in the past. Feeling as a stranger to wordpress again. Missed you all and all your presence **

Thanks for reading.

A quote on helping others


    If you are not HELPING others
    in bringing them out of their
    dark times and depression,
    then be aware, the HELL of
    dark times may PING you
    soon in near future.
                                – Jackie Jain

Hello everyone, so Ashish of Ashish vision has nominated me for 3 Day 3 quotes challenge. So this is my quote for Day 1. Thank you so much Ashish for the nomination.

Help others in bringing them out of their dark times. There will be light in your life. You just have to spend some time in cheering them up and instilling confidence in them. Thanks for reading.

Mismatched Nexus- an inactive connection

Passion is not the connection between you and your success,
You are the connection between passion and its success.

Don’t try to connect yourself with your life. Try to connect your life with your passion. The connection between you and your life is weak, because you don’t know the purpose of life. The connection between your life and your passion is strong, because they exactly know what is their purpose of existence in your life. If this connection is established, you will feel satisfied and happy.

Our life is given to us with a purpose, and that purpose is encoded in our passion for life. But when it comes to seek our purpose for life, we decode it with our own purpose, giving passion the least priority. So we wander in search of happiness all the time, all the life. Your purpose for life should be limpid, crystal clear which can be achieved only by living your passion.

The passion which gave birth to the talent in you, wants to take care of talent in you as it is still in womb. Womb of passion. You are umbilical cord. Only through you, the talent receives the required nutrients and skills for that talent. If you doesn’t connect well you will be held responsible for killing the talent in you.

Path to heaven, passes through hell,
Path to success, passes through failure,
Path to your purpose, passes through your passion.
Path to passion, passes through you. Yes, you.

To expect that the connection between your life and your passion will be established automatically is fallacious. You are the nexus. You have to establish that connection. And once the connection is established, the talent in you start flowing with passion as shield to your life. You are just a connection. You have to do nothing once the connection is established. Your passion and your life will take on from there.  And in this way, your happiness finds a new nexus, nexus with passion.

Let the nexus in you wake up from its dormant state. The connection is mismatched because the entities connected to it are wrong. It’s not you and your life life, that are to be connected. It’s your life and your passion that has to be connected through you.  Give a shape to your amorphous life. Yes, you are here for a reason, to be the connection. To be the nexus of your passion. You are the flow. Take a vow to sow the seeds of skills and happiness. I am damn sure, You will glow.

Have a good day. Thanks for reading.