Fishing the thoughts

Ladder to success is not a ladder to climb. It is a ladder to descend. To descend you dreams. To land your dreams, which fly high in air, on surface. To give a form to your dreams. To convert them into reality. Success is what people will call it. But success is doing what gives satisfaction to you. Doing which, you don’t feel it as work. You feel it as life. Your world. The dreams which you grow in your head shouldn’t die fruitless. They need a basket to be kept in. That basket is reality. Collect those fruits of dream and put them in basket of reality.

Thoughts need a place to live in reality. They can’t wander all the time, they need rest for sometime. But we give rest to those thoughts for life time, without giving them a chance to wander. We captured those thoughts in our brain, and hold them in those colorless walls of our body. So let the thoughts travel from one mind to the other so that the journey becomes the home for thoughts to find an ultimate home.

Thoughts can neither be taught nor can be bought. They should be brought, from the river flowing inside the brain. Yes. Our mind is like a river flowing with continuous pace. Thoughts are like fishes in it. If we catch those fishes, we can convert them into ideas. People will feed on those ideas and which will result in a chain reaction of thoughts. And the best part is, that eating those fishy thoughts will not be considered as non-vegetarianism. Isn’t it great? We all can be vegetarians. So guys, happy fishing.

Thanks for reading.