Fate is written-Add meaning to your life

All the problems in this world just exist in the minds of people, in real they are just challenges having fun.

If life is all about happiness, then what’s the need to live? If we are completely perfect then what’s the use of life? If we live just for the sake of living, what’s the need of death? What are you waiting for? What is stopping you? Is it memory of yesterday? Is it fear of tomorrow? Or is it situation of today? What? They all are testing you to check whether you belong to the place for which you are sent here! They all are obstacles, to be precise, the fog in your path. They don’t have any existence of their own. They feed upon your worries and scare you. Stop. Stop thinking about things that didn’t go in your way. Give a break to your worries. Breath.

Sometimes breaks in life are important, else life won’t be meaningful. Words doesn’t make any sense if they are written back to back without giving any SPACES in between them. Yes. Now you got it right. Spaces in our life are important too. They teach us the meaning of life. They give a meaning to our life. People struck in monotony, doesn’t feel satisfied, because there are no spaces in their life. Take a break. Things can wait, not life.

Listen. Something is calling you. Not by your name. But by your passion. Listen to it. It’s not about being at top of your work, it’s all about being in deep with your work. If you don’t listen to the deeper voice, then life will start bending your ears, so that you can hear to that voice. That bending down of ears cause us pain, and we think it as a problem. It’s not a problem at all, it’s a voice waiting for us to be listened.

They say our fate is written. This tells us that writing is the oldest profession as well as the passion in the world. Keep writing. Maintain a diary. Write down all your problems in a book, all your worries and fears. The words which you write will carry the problems on their shoulders and bury all the thoughts which scared you and thus will make your life more meaningful. And hey, don’t forget to give spaces between your words. Even our palm lines are separated by spaces. 😉

Thanks for reading. Have a happy weekend. 🙂

Make your body viable for your soul

To expect that our life will change on itself in this world where impious inhuman living beings dwell, is imprudent. The nature has already started indicating the ominous events which are yet to come. And in this critical situation, the narrow minded thinking of people to work just for getting noticed is completely inane. It is time to refract those harmful events. In this sojourn life, we are given a closed vessel (body) to fill with light. Make your body viable for your soul.

Don’t put the onus of your depression, on the happiness of others. Happiness comes with doing what you like to do. The lassitude of people towards their work, tells the complete story. Most of them are doing it just for a living. Life is not just to spend for a living. If your passion is your life, you don’t have to work. You just have to live your life playing with your passion! Life is to earn a place in hearts of people.

But the terms like passion and talent are prodigal for some people. They just want to settle in their life. Many people suppress their passion without any idea of the enormous talent they possess and just move on in their life. Passion doesn’t have any categories. It just have a spark. Spark to keep alive the light within us.

Talent is something which is natal, but skills to garnish that talent is not something which is from birth. They have to be learnt. To drink water, you have to keep your mouth where the water is flowing. Similarly to learn these skills, you have keep your ears where the knowledge related to that talent is taught. There are lot of resources where you can improve your skills. You just have to know how to use those resources. Then you don’t have to settle, you will flow in the direction of passion.

I would like to share an image, showing how most of people use the resources. I received it in whatsapp few months ago. Whoever made it, he/she is right on the point.


The propensity of majority of students is just to go with the flow. If you do so, you will never know, that you were made to glow. So from today, the beginning of the new month, let’s follow the path of our passion and work for the betterment of the nation. Use the resources in a right way.

Let the passion within you rock and roll, make your body viable for your soul.

Stay strong. Be inspired. Thanks for reading.

Don’t give ears to Fear

Fear is one of the most self-destructive feeling known so far. Fear, not necessarily lands in your brain only in failure, it even finds a space in your success. Being successful can give rise to fear, for the reason of responsibility to keep the work in pace with success. Failure is the big accomplishment that attracts Fear with more intensity. It is like a password to fear. Yes, failure is a accomplishment, because without failure, you will never know how to succeed from depth. You will just know how to succeed from surface if you don’t face failure.

We all are defective pieces. The creator doesn’t have time to find our defects and rectify them. So he wrote a testing code on our palm lines, which while running will show us our defects and errors. He gave us all the rectifying tools well packed in our brain. And key is in one of our four chambers of heart. It is like a puzzle. You have to find the key when you get notified with your defects. But you can find the key, only if you don’t give your ears to fear. If you give your ears to fear, fear will echo about your defects and errors in your ears, in a loop for years, and key to success will be lost forever. So be positive. Don’t give your ears. Just show your back to fear.

Run the testing software, find your defects and work in the direction of rectifying those defects. Don’t strive for perfection, just keep deleting your defects. That’s the real perfection. Enjoy the process and give the best output to the creator.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

Don’t break peace into pieces

Do you ever give rest to your soul? Don’t say I sleep every day. Sleep is for body. Have you ever told your soul to take rest listening to the sweet rhythm of heart-beat? Ever imagined that heart-beat is a sound of your heart, breaking from inside, trying to come out of this four chambered prison and dwell in a new home. New home called, PEACE, where the Soul rests.

Sleep is to body, peace is to soul. 

Why with time we have forgotten the meaning of peace? The meaning of life? Why we have replaced peace with piece! The broken pieces, the unfulfilled passions. Why we try to work in such a way that we feel stressed, leading to depression? Why don’t we enjoy what we do? Even better, why don’t we do the work which we enjoy? There will no work stress. You won’t have to prove others, you just have to improve yourselves. Don’t break peace into pieces. Just start being peaceful with everything. Calm down.

To live in such a world, cruel.
Where people play role, duel,
I want to tell that it is crucial,
to fill ur passion with igniting fuel.

Yes, when you do anything with passion, the world doesn’t seem to be bad. We feel that people are just lost souls, struck in their journeys. Open the eyes of heart, open the ears of heart, that’s why we are given four chambers, two for eyes and two for ears. The eyes and ears of soul. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. No-one is born to be wrong. They are just proved wrong. Turn the tables. Isn’t it great to write your own fate? Mapping your path to the palm-lines!

So I am just thinking how to conclude these direction-less words into a destination! Destiny of these words is not where the last sentence of this posts ends, it is to reach your eyes, then slowly slowly fall into your Heart. That’s where the real destination of these words is!

Have an awesome and well, PEACEFUL Sunday. Thanks for reading.