Words dipped in love.


Yes. What I am trying to say here is known to everyone. We speak the words of our brains most of the time. Because it is easy. You don’t have to add emotions in it. The words just fall freely from our brain to our mouth. But they are not enough sometimes. The words are the medium through which we communicate with people, so to keep it for a long time, we need just more than words. We need words from the heart. Words with feelings, not advantage. Nowadays we hardly use them. Just because there comes a gravity into picture. The words have to raise from heart to our mouth opposing gravity. So once try it friends. The relationships will be powerful. There will be love in heart, instead of power in brain. Try to speak with heart, as they are words dipped in blood. Dipped in love. They are also true words residing in the four chambers of your heart.
Have a good day. Thanks for reading.