B is for Balance: Day-2

“Balancing is not just the act of weighing or measuring things to bring them to a equilibrium, it is an act of valuing and justifying things to bring out happiness from them.”

Have you ever thought on balancing? I mean not about balancing a pencil on your nose, or a stick on your hand or an apple on your head. I am talking about life. Balancing our life. It is known that just because there is perfect balance among nature, elements, gravity and climate on our Earth, we are able to live on this. Life is all about the balance. Equilibrium.


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Balancing life is just not balancing two different entities or things. Balancing life is a multi-balance technique which requires determination and effort from the person who is at the balancing hot-seat. There are many entities which we have to balance and all at once. Never easy. Balancing life is not as simple as balancing a balance sheet as in Accounts or balancing equations as in chemistry. Chemistry is tough, isn’t it? Balancing life is more complex. We have to balance things in our life just by guessing their weights. It is like balancing a stick in your hands by walking not on a rope, but on an ocean decorated with stones resting on it in a zigzag manner. Each stone stands for the entity you have to balance and if you fail to balance, you will go with the flow and drown. It is difficult to weigh things with our eyes.

That’s the reason why most of the people are unsatisfied with their lives. We guess weights of entities just by seeing their appearances rather than their nature. We balance the things with wrong weights and it disturbs the balance of our life and makes us stressful and frustrated. We hate entities for that reason and blame them saying it is unlucky for me, it ruined my life, life is not satisfying, life is monotonous. In one line, the root of all these things is that there is no balance in our life. You may have balanced the entities correctly but with their weights which you have assumed were wrong. That’s why there was no balance. So there is no way we can balance these entities?

Or is there an another way out? So what if we can’t weight the elements in our life to balance them, at least we can know their values in our life. We can value entities by our heart, which have room for 4 weighing pans. Heart measures values not weights. Balance them. Values may or may not be numerical. They are varying in nature. For example, Mr. X got 90, 80, 70, 60 in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Sanskrit respectively. (No, not my marks). Just because he got higher marks in maths should he concentrate much on Maths? Or rather he should concentrate on Sanskrit? See, here we make a mistake. We try to make the most of what we have in higher value ignoring the things with lower values. Thus we disturb the balance.

Now you may say marks are values then how to get values of entities? Ask your heart. It is the balancing machine. It perfectly knows what you have in excess and what you lack. But it will never tell you. You should seek for it. Do what your tells you to do. We all know what we are strong at and weak at. We just don’t wanna show. But improve in veil. You don’t have to prove anyone. Get stronger. Get better. Live life large scale. But careful to balance what you do. Balance is the key for satisfaction. Balance your activities in order to meet your living style. Physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, morally and spiritually balance your life perfectly. Keep up to the things in which you are strong and improve on the things which you lack but need them the most. Balance the equation. Grab the satisfaction.

This is my post for day 2 of A to Z challenge on letter B. B is for #Balance. Balance your life well.


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