Don’t give ears to Fear

Fear is one of the most self-destructive feeling known so far. Fear, not necessarily lands in your brain only in failure, it even finds a space in your success. Being successful can give rise to fear, for the reason of responsibility to keep the work in pace with success. Failure is the big accomplishment that attracts Fear with more intensity. It is like a password to fear. Yes, failure is a accomplishment, because without failure, you will never know how to succeed from depth. You will just know how to succeed from surface if you don’t face failure.

We all are defective pieces. The creator doesn’t have time to find our defects and rectify them. So he wrote a testing code on our palm lines, which while running will show us our defects and errors. He gave us all the rectifying tools well packed in our brain. And key is in one of our four chambers of heart. It is like a puzzle. You have to find the key when you get notified with your defects. But you can find the key, only if you don’t give your ears to fear. If you give your ears to fear, fear will echo about your defects and errors in your ears, in a loop for years, and key to success will be lost forever. So be positive. Don’t give your ears. Just show your back to fear.

Run the testing software, find your defects and work in the direction of rectifying those defects. Don’t strive for perfection, just keep deleting your defects. That’s the real perfection. Enjoy the process and give the best output to the creator.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.