Q is for Quotations: Day-17

Words written in between the Quotations ask us for special attention and tell us that they are special. Quotes are the short forms of words which spread the message of quality over quantity. In only few words we can go very deep with the concept and relate to them easily. I think they heal the wounds of thoughts quickly. Dictionary defines quotes as the ‘repeat or copy out (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person).’ But I would like to share few of my own quotes ( don’t know whether I can call them like that) here.

“If you think you have achieved enough for yourself, it’s time to achieve for others.”

“There is no short cut to success, it is just that sometimes you have to take the longer path.”

“Not  everyone in the world is there to hold you with their fingers, some are waiting to hold you with their sharp nails. Be careful.”

“Don’t plan life for years, it may change in seconds. Instead plan your life in seconds such that it becomes be useful for years.”

“You can draw inspiration from others, but at the end you have to paint it by yourself in your life.”

“Only what you eat with your mouth reaches the stomach. So control your mouth well.”

“Make your immune system resistive to negative thoughts.”

“Our world is full of Love and Power. Love with wrong intentions and Power in wrong hands.”

“We all are tied with the invisible ropes of love and trust in our life. Be careful with your two-lipped scissors.”

“Life is a disease for which we have to find a cure.” (This quote is the first one I ever wrote. I wrote it in my friend’s slam book in 10th class.)


Image source: Haiku Deck

( I love quotes written by Maya. They are very inspiring. )

This is my entry for A to Z challenge . It is already day 17 and it is on the letter ‘Q’. ‘Q’ is for Quotations. They heal our mind quickly.


Coming to the challenge, as the name itself says it is very challenging. On every day of month April, except Sundays, which makes it to 26 days, each participant should publish a post relating to the letter corresponding to the number of the day thus completing all the 26 alphabets. For example on day 1, the post should be on something related on letter A, on the second day it should be related to B and this goes on. Exciting? Isn’t it?

And as always, thanks for reading. Keep reading quotes and also keep framing quotes. The happiness of framing quotes cannot be expressed in words. Have a good week ahead.