Be the tsunami. Be the idea that gives rise to tsunami of thoughts. Let the tsunami of creative thoughts spread throughout your brain and wash away all the negative energy residing in shadows of your neurons. Let the waves destroy all the illusion that has occupied your brain trying to destroy your existence. Yes, just one small drop of thought, enough to create that tsunami. One tsunami of thoughts, is all it takes to change the direction of your life, to bring the things back to the place where they belong, to take you to the place where you deserve. This one thought will decide the future of thousands of ideas that are gonna take birth in your brain.

Be the sun. Burning from inside and shining on outside. Give light to the people around you, even if you are in a breaking verge. Let the heat in you spread to such a depth, that even your passion burns and coverts all the doubts into ashes. The heat of your passion will convert your ideas into a reality. The character you always play yourself in your head, will be playing in reality. You will be a living idea to draw inspiration from. Your fire in passion will decide the future of thousands of ideas waiting to convert into reality.

Be the water rinsing away all  the negative energy. Be the fire turning down all the doubts into ashes.

Thanks for reading. Have a peaceful Sunday.