Heavenly Earth and demons from Hell

Life is like Love In Folded Envelopes. Yes. We gift people with folded envelopes on different occasions. We give them with love. Similarly we are gifted from heaven to earth as gifts, with love. We are the proof of love between heaven and Earth. So we have to justify their love, as Earth is in trouble, as it is in danger. Danger of extinction.

We are made from love. Different elements are mixed in us with different proportions. Water for transportation in our body, fire for digestion, air for respiration and wind for voice( Sound box). We are gifts created with atmost care. We are here to deliver the decoded message of heaven to Earth. But we, instead of trying to decode the message of Heaven, we are trying to decode the message of ourselves. The purpose of ours for being in this land. We are trying to find the reason for our existence.

The opposition of heaven, Hell, is trying to conquer the Heavenly Earth by sending its demons in this Earth. Anger, Ego, depression, violence are some of the dangerous demons who have already entered into the province of Earth. And many others are waiting to enter the Earth. They are trying to destroy the message decoded in us, the gifts of Heaven to Earth, so that Earth can never understand the love of Heaven.

Are we so selfish? The reason for which we are here, to save this Earth from the purgatory, are we forgetting that reason? . Wake up. The message will be decoded according to time. Just save this Earth from self-destruction. Stay strong. Keep the land clean. And mind resistive to the demons of Hell. Be the warrior. Only on your hands, the Earth is residing. Bring out the warrior in you.

Thanks for reading.

Made in Heaven


Some people feel like they don’t belong to this world. They start to think that in negative way. You don’t have to, if you really feel that belong to this place, then you are right. You were born in heaven. You belong to heaven. You are just here to change humans into heavenly.
Keeping it short. Thank you for reading.