Levitate your soul

To complain about this abstruse perplexing life, is like complicating it further by our baseless assumptions. Trying to find the purpose of this life seems more meaningful and way simpler. Devoid of light, we wander in this colorful darkness, with these black and white eyes. We are going oblique from the reason for which we are sent here. The animosity in us to succeed further of our fellow-wanderers have made us completely inhuman.

We lack the mental acumen in seeking the purpose of this life.   Life which is a blessing is turning into a curse and even worse. We will live only once, even if our soul gets another life we will never know it. So what’s the use of success without purpose? We are in dire need to foster our humanity lying deeper in us, which is overshadowed by our ignorance and this layered skin searching for identity. We are all just broken pieces of a complete soul. Complete universe.

We are not sent here to make an identity, we are here to identify. The good and the bad. We should lay a path for the coming generations to decide wisely the petty difference between the right and the wrong. A path of being witty. The Vedas and shlokas, all are laid on one foundation. To be able to decide what is good and what is bad, and not only that, but also following the right path. Following a right path is not a choice, it should be the only option.

How long we will cheat the affable atmosphere? How long we will spend our lives captured in these forlorn emotions and ghastly thoughts? How long we will commit the same banal mistake of taking everthing for granted? It is time to be fastidious to the warning of the acrimonious natural environment.

Ever tried to juxtapose between happiness and sadness? The result yielded is shocking! Both happiness and sadness are equal by their properties and characteristics. The difference is just how we feel them. The proof to the adage that “Human-beings are the most dexterous race of all beings” is still due. Let’s prove it.

Tomorrow is August First. Let’s take a decision. Decision to efface all the negative thoughts and troubles from our mind, and work towards levitating our soul. Yes, Levitate your soul.

Thanks for reading.

Take a dive

Sit down, relax and read
I am once again ready to bleed.

Open your mind and think,
Hold your every breath as ink.

In your mind, there are some thoughts,
which are similar to sinking boats.

Spill those thoughts out of your nose,
fill that space with fragrance of fresh rose.

Now as you have left that sinking boat,
it is time for a winning stroke.

Take a dive,
and make your life alive.

You are here for a reason,
and that’s irrespective of
your region, religion and

Trust the process, trust the time.
Searching for the reason is not a crime.

There are words and there is rhyming,
similarly there are destinies and there is timing.

Thanks for reading.

Love captured in words

So if we*** can start this month of July with the topic ‘category of miracles’, why can’t we continue with the only single never ending category of miracles. I always like post my views on love by writing them and then converting them into images. So that I can feel happy seeing them. Love captured in images, in moments.  Love captured in words.
So here are some quotes on love, which I wrote. Just wishing that this month of July is full of love for you.








So, guys.. Here’s the conclusion:
“It’s not about being PositiVE or negatiVE.. It’s all about being in loVE.”

Thank you so much for reading.
Be in Love. Family, friends and life.

*** I referred it as ‘we’ because this is a joint journey of you and me to a land, made of words.



Dharma, never heard of? Ok. I will explain. It is not a new word. This is a word used thousands of years ago in epic of Mahabharat. Dharma is a Sanskrit word, with a root derivative of dh, which means to hold, to keep. Dharma has no one definition. It is defined in different ways in different religions. But whatever the place, air is the same. Similarly this.
Dharma, as in Buddism, is the principle or law which orders the universe. So dharma is the basic backbone to the functioning of this universe.
In Hinduism, Dharma is the duties, the responsibilities of humans that have to be fulfilled. We have some duties to fulfill towards our mother earth, nature and our mankind. Which duties? Let’s just say,  the exact opposite of what we,!as humans, are doing right now.

Drama! Now this is what everyone is aware of. We are are good actors. We express emotions which are not in heart, but which are pre-defined in our brains. What is the use if you just act? It is against the act of God. Start loving being natural. Being genuine. Being human.

Start being Dharmatic. Not Dramatic. Your life will change Dharmatically if not Dramatically.

Because depending upon your Dharma, you will face your Karma.

Thanks for reading, fellow readers.
Be Dharmatic.