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Hello. Let’s start this month of July with the topic of ‘Miracles’. I have heard people saying that they have never seen miracles, throughout their life. Sometimes I feel sad that we are given so much to celebrate, but still we focus on things which makes us depressed. Everyone wants something magic in their life. Something miraculous in their life. The cinematic field have though given us a wide room of imagination for people, but it has also given a negative hope in people, that cinematic world could be in real. Remember what miracles happen in movies, are all scripted. They all happen at that moment of time because they are planned with great precision. But our real life is more unpredictable. It’s amazing. We don’t know what will happen the next day? Why to go for the next day, we don’t even know what will happen the next moment. That’s good, tables turn and so do the fortunes.

Coming back to miracle, when someone says they didn’t see any miracle in their life, let’s start with the first miracle that comes in everyone’s life. The birth day. It’s known to everyone that when we come out of our mother’s womb, we cry. Only after we started cry, they said we were born. Ever thought why? I got this thought when I was in a hospital, with my grand parents for a regular check up.


Yes. When we leave this body, we leave our family, friends and well wishers crying for us. We don’t have any body to cry for them. So when we get a body,which is when we are born again, we cry for them and forget the previous life’s sorrows.
We are ready for this life now.
So isn’t this a miracle?
Some say we were in mother’s womb for 9 months, and we cry because we cannot adjust to sudden change environmental conditions. Yes. That’s also true.

We see. We hear. We speak. We feel. We breath. We eat. We drink. We think. We cry. We smile. We love. We hate. So why we want to see more miracles?
Because we want more. More and more. But remember more and more of anything is dangerous.
So be happy, be satisfied with what you have. You are a soul living for temporary period in this body. Make this period worthwhile.

And yes. We all want to make mark on this world. Make a mark on people’s heart.


So that’s it. Enough said. Just wish that this month of July is full of miracles in everyone’s life. Thanks for reading.


What do you expect from this post? So if someone starts their post like this, how will you respond? And what kind of answers do the bloggers expect in return?
The whole world runs on expectations, so that is the reason we stand nowhere in this world. We just run, run for living, run for life, run for happiness, run for peace and what not. But wait, don’t run your eyes now, slow down. Why do we run? Why can’t we find what we want by just standing, by standing on love, standing on character, standing on our dreams, standing on our words? Just because we are used to run. But remember, when death knocks your door, you can’t run, you have to stand. Stand tall, stand with pride. For that start to stand on your life from today. Why today, now itself. Expectation is the main shoe company that makes us run. Don’t get into those shoes. Like, I wish my parents can gift me an IPhone 6 this birthday!! And when that day comes, and actually when her parents buy it, a hug, small thank you and then, then what? She just gets stuck on that phone. That’s it. All over. Though her parents didn’t expect anything. Love.

You got a life, you can breath, now you are reading this, your mind can understand this, so ever thanked God for this? No. What you think is somewhat like this. Why my life is not better? Why I am not like him? Why she is more beautiful than my wife? This. This really spoils the purpose. Expectations, we can never get over them. Better to go underneath them. Don’t expect anything. Take whatever comes in your life with both hands, just like we breath unpure air with our two nostrils, then analyse them, differentiate good from bad, and exhale the negative energy. See, how simple.

So now what are expecting me to write? Whether I can change your life by a post or not? Whether I can inspire you are not? I don’t know. Never expect. Just sit down. Think for a while, what you have, rather than what you want! You will feel better.

Just love your life. Never expect anything from that love. Because love is limitless. And expectation is a limit.


Thanks for reading.

Ego- Time to go.

Ego, the trending topic in any relationship, always becomes the reason for a relationship to face inequalities and then indifferences and then they want only one thing, independence from each other.
So where this ego comes from?
It comes from the womb of hatred, that may be on anything, your work, your state of mind, or your partner’s popularity (in some cases). But remember, you can never clap with one hand. So one of them has to try to maintain the relationship by assessing the situations. Keep out the negative thoughts. Never let them come inside the mind. Because it rules over the heart and may destroy love from it. ONLY WHAT YOU EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH, REACHES YOUR STOMACH.

So we have to try to understand the position of our loved ones, try to control their anger, their depression show love to them, don’t let them feel lonely. Always keep the atmosphere cool and peaceful.

We will live here for only for a few years. Our bodies are on rent, we have to pay for it by showing love to our loved ones. We are not forever, how can we expect our relationships to be permanent?
To be frank, there is where people give up. I can live my life in my own way once we fall apart from him, and thinking like that ego builds up and multiplies in our mind like an indestructible virus.

So I am not here to judge people, their mentality, their mind set or involve in their relationship. I am just trying to remove the word ego using e-net. Now we all have e-mail e-commerce etc. So time to start EGO E-GO. Time to destroy Ego using internet. Try to share your feeling with people who are there to help people who are under depression. You will definitely feel better and come over your ego. So guys relationship are there to be maintained forever. Just like with you and your blog, you and your readers. Like me and you.

Readers, Thank you for reading. I just type whatever comes in my mind instantly. So if grammatical mistakes have somehow found a place in my post, you are free to give me a feedback on that. I will re-edit the content. This is how the relationship should be, in my opinion. Haha.