What do you expect from this post? So if someone starts their post like this, how will you respond? And what kind of answers do the bloggers expect in return?
The whole world runs on expectations, so that is the reason we stand nowhere in this world. We just run, run for living, run for life, run for happiness, run for peace and what not. But wait, don’t run your eyes now, slow down. Why do we run? Why can’t we find what we want by just standing, by standing on love, standing on character, standing on our dreams, standing on our words? Just because we are used to run. But remember, when death knocks your door, you can’t run, you have to stand. Stand tall, stand with pride. For that start to stand on your life from today. Why today, now itself. Expectation is the main shoe company that makes us run. Don’t get into those shoes. Like, I wish my parents can gift me an IPhone 6 this birthday!! And when that day comes, and actually when her parents buy it, a hug, small thank you and then, then what? She just gets stuck on that phone. That’s it. All over. Though her parents didn’t expect anything. Love.

You got a life, you can breath, now you are reading this, your mind can understand this, so ever thanked God for this? No. What you think is somewhat like this. Why my life is not better? Why I am not like him? Why she is more beautiful than my wife? This. This really spoils the purpose. Expectations, we can never get over them. Better to go underneath them. Don’t expect anything. Take whatever comes in your life with both hands, just like we breath unpure air with our two nostrils, then analyse them, differentiate good from bad, and exhale the negative energy. See, how simple.

So now what are expecting me to write? Whether I can change your life by a post or not? Whether I can inspire you are not? I don’t know. Never expect. Just sit down. Think for a while, what you have, rather than what you want! You will feel better.

Just love your life. Never expect anything from that love. Because love is limitless. And expectation is a limit.


Thanks for reading.