Be the Cartographer of your destiny

Life is like a map which we have to design in order to reach our destiny.

Ever thought that these lines on our palm can be the hidden lines to our destiny! A map which takes us to our destiny. The reason for which we are born. These lines, which are the portal that takes us to our destiny depending upon the field on which we put our hands. Join hands with fellow humans and unlock the cipher of our palm-lines, our destiny.

Cartographer is a person who makes maps. So can’t you become the cartographer of your own destiny? Your life? Design your life. The map that will lead you to your destiny. What’s the use of living life with no passion in living it. What’s the use of living life in a normal way, when we are given only one chance to live it? Change the gear of living.

Don’t fear, change the gear, smile be the only thing you wear, see your destiny will be near.

Never let your mindset Change the way you live. Don’t think that tough situations makes you weak. They just tests your strength in darktimes, so that you can shine brighter in good times. Shine. Shine from within. Go. Find yourself.


Life is a game in which we are sent with one chanced life and we have to keep playing till we find the purpose of our game, which is Destiny! Happy gaming.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all a happy November.. Explore life.