Life- A Vacation to remember

Life is identical to our heart-beat. It is a reminder that our life will be comprising of both ups and downs.That’s life. It can never be normal. It is not made to be normal.

We were dead for million of years before we took birth and we will be dead for million of years once we die. See that’s the bigger heart-beat. Plain-fluctuate-plain (Before birth-life-after death).

// Everywhere it’s rain rain rain,
reminding us that we are here to entertain. //

Yes. We are here for a vacation. To enjoy. We are on a leave after working millions of years as normal people in dead state. We are given a life to enjoy with fluctuations. Creator is very smart. That’s why we are sent with a purpose even on a vacation. Our heart and brain are caged with thoughts and feelings, only we can set them free. We are given all the things we require for this vacation: Boarding tickets(Birth), Luggage (Skin, Bones and Muscles), Camera (Eyes), Memory Card (Brain), Medium of transport(Legs), The tourist guide ( Palm lines), To communicate (Mouth and ears), To click pictures and work (Hand), Constant reminder of the tour (Heart-beat), Water supply(Oceans), Food supply (Fruits), Digestion of food (stomach), Picturesque scenaries (Nature), To understand the pattern of our life (Mountains and hills), fellow tourists (Human-beings) and lot of things. But not to forget also with return tickets (Death).

Hope you amaze the creator by capturing mesmerizing pictures of the journey, so that he gets pleased and sends you back on the journey. Happy journey fellow tourists.

Thanks for reading.