Success- Why you have to take the longer path sometimes?

Our life is like a gift box, with gifts being distributed to us on a daily basis, but the nature of those gifts depends upon the mood with which we open our day in the morning. – Jackie Jain

Yes. It is important to get a good start to your day. A great start drives your day with lot of energy and passion. Every sunshine is a new sunshine with a new array of hope and faith. Every new sunshine is an indicator of a new resolution. It is the perfect time when you can sort out what exactly you wish for. Because what you wish for is what you seek for. And your wishes determine your success. Success is achieving what you wish for, with hard work.


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What you wish for is not an order, it is a step taken by you to get closer to your destiny. So choose wisely.

Always read it aloud what you wish for, when you are alone. Because not only your mind, every part of your existence should know what you wish for. The whole universe should have idea what you wish for. As one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho says
‘When you really want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you achieve it.’ But it is just half the story. I have given an extension to that few months back. I think it is how the principle of universe works.
‘And when you get what you want from universe, the same universe tries to pull it away from you to see how strong you can hold it.’ – Jackie Jain

So be careful what you wish for, because you have to hold them tighter once you get them. Lot of people complain that their prayers get unanswered even they ask for the same thing, it is because you are stronger yet to hold what you want. You have to get yourself ready to hold what you want. Success will knock your door. And once the success knocks your door, receive it and inspire others to do so.


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Nowadays people measure success in terms of money. How wrong they are! Money is nowhere related to success. How can happiness be related to paper bills? Success is related to satisfaction and happiness. It is related to fulfilling your wish and holding onto that wish. You need a mission and vision for that. Because success is a company you have to run for a longer time. You have to hold your wishes. There may be short-cut to life, but there is no short-cut to success.

‘There is no short-cut to success. It is just that some people have to take the longer path.’ – Jackie Jain.

Yes, if you take the longer path you are more stronger to hold on your wishes. Yes, that’s a positive note. Sometimes you have to take the longer path, because you are asking for your passion and you are getting strong enough to hold it. You are asking your purpose of your life, for which it’s worth taking the longer path. Longer the path, lesser the distance between you and your wish. Crazy relation. So be confident. Be strong. Be positive. Be passionate. Be wise while choosing what you wish for and what you ask for. If you are all above, you are successful.

Thanks for reading. Have a great successful day.

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Keep a goal in mind, save yourself from drowning

Gravity plays an important in keeping us grounded on earth, similarly goals and responsibilities are important in keeping us safe and grounded from the wind of moments and flying time.

Quote #1 :

Just like you need a pole or a wooden log to keep yourself safe from drowning in the waves of water, you need a goal or a purpose of life to keep yourself safe from flowing with the tides of time and moments flowing with an enormous speed. If you take responsibilities as weight you will drown in depths of darkness in life and if you take them so lightly, you will fly with winds of time.

                                  – Jackie Jain


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Just like the Universe is travelling in space, Earth is travelling in Universe and we are travelling on Earth, similarly Time is also travelling with moments. Keeping all these things in mind, we can only say that life is for travelling. Even our thoughts are travelling in our mind. Don’t let your thoughts fly with time. Everything is travelling with respect to something. Let it happen that way.

Keep a goal in mind. Direct your thoughts towards that goal. Your passion will develop a path in between you and your goal. Time will re-direct itself to let you reach your target in time. Earth will help time to keep it the orbit of your target. The universe will hold the Earth in place, to let you hold the target in your hands.

Quote #2:

If you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.
                        – PAULO COELHO.

Hello, Ashish of Ashish Vision nominated me for 3 days 3 quotes challenge. So these are my quotes #1 and #2 as 2nd and 3rd quote on day 3, as I missed on yesterday. Thank you for the nomination Ashish.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day. Keep a goal in mind, and save yourself from drowning.

The law of Universe

What will you do, if the thing which once you wished for, is with you? Thinking? Wait. I’ll tell. You will wish for the next important thing on your wish-list. By being engrossed in that wish list, you forget to hold the thing which you once wished the most, and the universe helped you in achieve it.
Why you lose a thing which is given to you by universe, by seeing your desire for that particular thing at that time? Desires are temporary?
Why is it like that? Ever thought? What if Paulo Coelho, one of the all-time favorite authors said this,

“When you really want something the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it”.

But what happens once the people achieve that thing? They never care about it after. They never think of holding that thing forever. That’s why our wish-list is big. We want things, but once we get them, we never try to hold them.

“We give importance to things, only until we get them”
“We know the real value of things, only after we lost them”

So you can understand the scenario, things are loved the most before having them and after losing them. Why not when having them? Because we have them.

“At any given point of time, everyone wishes for at least one thing. It doesn’t mean that he/she had that thing before this point of time, it means that he/she was wishing for something else at that given time. And after sometime he/she wishes for the same thing again after losing it. ”

I am not against the point that why we have so many wishes? It is a default setting in humans. Wishes keep our spirit of achieving alive.  Why we wish a lot is not the  actual point of discussion here. The mainpoint is once we achieve what we want, why don’t we hold it? Why we lose it? Is there a reason why we lose that thing. Yes there is. The law of universe. Balance of energies. Balance of forces. Keeping my eye on the quote of Paulo Coelho, I have given an extension to that.


Yes. The same universe which once helped you to achieve that thing, will try to pull away from you to see how strongly you can hold it.

Thanks for reading. Wish, Achieve what you want and then hold it strongly. Never bring the situation of wishing for the same thing again.