Life dipped in happiness

Life is a mode of transport, with body as luggage, soul as passenger and time as wheels.

We can change this mode of transport. And this luggage is a shield that keeps us safe and comfortable. We as passengers have a passion which we have to spread into this world. So keep going. Whenever the time,which are the wheels of this life,  stops you somewhere don’t think it is the end to your life. It’s just that the vehicle is refilling itself, with energy and happiness. Be happy. That’s what keeps this journey safe. Be ready to face anything. This journey is unpredictable, that’s why this is surprising. Don’t computerize your life. Never be afraid when you fall. If you are falling down, it’s just that you are being dipped in the magical water of happiness and bliss. Be strong. And when you raise all the doubts in your mind will meet the dust. Keep following your passion in this one directional life.


Do you know what’s the secret of a meaningful life? It’s about being happy and peaceful in any situation. Situations are like net-traps. They test you and try to capture you depending on your behaviour and character. Don’t fall into these traps. Be happy. Being happy is like a scissor to these traps. See how easy the secret of life is. Doing what we like and liking what we do. What else we want in this 1-lifed game. Play well. You are the player with your passion as the game.


Thanks for reading.

Utilize the energy in a good way

Energy!! What is energy? Does it have a dimension or a form? What is the purpose of this energy?

Energy is a thing which keeps us going. It tells us that the flame of our purpose is still alive within us and we have to serve that purpose within time. We have to utilize this energy in serving our purpose. Energy is like a donkey. It doesn’t know what it carries. That’s why there are terms like positive energy and negative energy. Because if we utilize this new born energy in spreading good thoughts in our mind, it stimulates our body in a positive manner by giving us a positive feeling which burns our passion and sets it on fire. Which gives us happiness and peace.

But if we misuse this energy by spending it on negative thoughts then it’s like whirling wind on a burning forest. The negative thoughts will spread quickly to each part of your existence and will destroy your mindset and your hope from inside. You will just be a vessel. As we know empty vessels make more noise. So will you, as your body will become a home for anger, hatred and ego making you a slave of their dominance. So never use this energy for negative thoughts. Always think positive. Be inspired. Create a generator of inspiration within. It will generate happiness within.

Energy doesn’t have any dimensions, neither does it has a form. It just resides within us and gets utilized in the way we use it. We never know how this energy is created. But its presence is felt strongly in the morning. It is something the supreme power above us have given us to burn our passion and keep the flame alive for generations to come so that they can carry the flame forward.

So when you wake up in the morning, utilize this energy by burning it for positive thoughts, which will keep the flame for your passion alive and thus generating happiness & peace, which drives our day safely.

Your confidence and faith are responsible for sailing yourself out of storms of darkness. Energy keeps that confidence and faith alive. So utilize your energy in a good way so that you can feel the presence of supreme power above us. Stay positive. Be inspired.

** Its been a month since my last post. Sometimes I wonder how the days pass so quickly but we are still stuck in the past. Feeling as a stranger to wordpress again. Missed you all and all your presence **

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Nuclear Bombings in 1945 and New killer bombs of the 21st century

The atomic bomb was more than a weapon of terrible destruction. It was a psychological weapon.
                   -Henry L. Stimson,1947.

Do you remember what happened on today’s date, 70 years ago, on 6th August 1945? No? On 9th August 1945? No? Ok. Let’s re-read about the world’s biggest catastrophic and prodigal attacks related to a warfare. THE ATOMIC BOMBINGS OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI. The attacks occurred during world war-2 on Japan, in the final phase, The pacific war. This was one and the only war, in which a atomic bomb was used as a weapon. A Nuclear weapon. The war that crossed all its limit.


You cannot imagine the carnage those atomic bombs created! An atomic bomb made up of Uranium named TINY BOY was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945. Thousands of people died on the spot with thousands of people died on the following days due to radiation effects. The Japanese emperor Hirohito, thought surrendering to this was not a good idea and commanded his commanders that the war should go on. Somehow this conversation was decoded by the US magic code-breakers and this followed was followed by a more dangerous attack on Nagasaki with Plutonium Atom bomb. The atomic bomb made of Plutonium named FAT MAN was dropped on 9th August, 1945. Thousands of people were scattered here and there. The intensity was such. Around 1,29,000-2,46,000 people lost their lives taking both these attacks into account. And many more people died due to the radiation effects the following days. Still to the date, people suffer because of those explosions. The heat generated due to those explosions is about 3900 degrees centigrade. Just feel the heat. Finally on 12th August, 1945 the Japanese Emperor surrendered and signed an allied treaty and met the agreements with united states.  If not the Emperor had surrendered, many more attacks as such were planned on different Japanese cities! Cannot even imagine that!

Even to the date some people suffer with several diseases due to the radiations of those explosions. Today 6th August marks the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima explosion and on 9th August of this year, it will mark the 70th anniversary of Nagasaki explosion. We as humans can just pray that their souls are resting in peace.

There is a lot more to know about this incident. How these attacks were planned, who were the people behind these attacks, what happened after the attacks et cetera. You can find all this information on this link.
Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Wars, which were said to be waged for establishing peace in the world, did the opposite. Wars extirpated the peace from its root and gave rise to new seeds called Fear. With people living in that growing fear, they decided to be more secure and thus started preparing weapons on their own, in times of need. To prove that their security is more powerful than others, it gave rise again to a new set of wars.


Are the world wars over? Yes. Is peace established in world? No. Are the wars over in real? No. Just the intensity is reduced. They are still going on. Between the countries, between the states, between the cities, between the neighbours, between the people and within the mind. The war within the mind is considered as the new killer weapon of modern days.

The atomic bombs made up of depression, anger, envy, ego, hatred, loneliness and sadness are being dropped every other second on our neurons destroying all the data of morals from our brain. That’s why they say in anger, envy and hatred, our mind doesn’t work! How can it work if the neurons in it are brutally killed! The people are turning into selfish, greedy and mean. These wars will go on till we sign a treaty with happiness, humanity, love, success, passion and peace. Then we will be happy.

If there are no wars in our mind, there will be no wars outside the mind. There will be no wars around the world. Everyone will be peaceful. Everyone will be happy. The perfect state of Nirvana will be attained.

The one who is unmoved by the ups and down of life, the one who is stable in both times of sadness and happiness, that person can only be called as Enlightened person.

So, enlighten your self. Fill your life with light. If peace is in mind, it will be in the world. Thanks for reading. Keep your mind peaceful. I am also trying.

Fishing the thoughts

Ladder to success is not a ladder to climb. It is a ladder to descend. To descend you dreams. To land your dreams, which fly high in air, on surface. To give a form to your dreams. To convert them into reality. Success is what people will call it. But success is doing what gives satisfaction to you. Doing which, you don’t feel it as work. You feel it as life. Your world. The dreams which you grow in your head shouldn’t die fruitless. They need a basket to be kept in. That basket is reality. Collect those fruits of dream and put them in basket of reality.

Thoughts need a place to live in reality. They can’t wander all the time, they need rest for sometime. But we give rest to those thoughts for life time, without giving them a chance to wander. We captured those thoughts in our brain, and hold them in those colorless walls of our body. So let the thoughts travel from one mind to the other so that the journey becomes the home for thoughts to find an ultimate home.

Thoughts can neither be taught nor can be bought. They should be brought, from the river flowing inside the brain. Yes. Our mind is like a river flowing with continuous pace. Thoughts are like fishes in it. If we catch those fishes, we can convert them into ideas. People will feed on those ideas and which will result in a chain reaction of thoughts. And the best part is, that eating those fishy thoughts will not be considered as non-vegetarianism. Isn’t it great? We all can be vegetarians. So guys, happy fishing.

Thanks for reading.

Don’t break peace into pieces

Do you ever give rest to your soul? Don’t say I sleep every day. Sleep is for body. Have you ever told your soul to take rest listening to the sweet rhythm of heart-beat? Ever imagined that heart-beat is a sound of your heart, breaking from inside, trying to come out of this four chambered prison and dwell in a new home. New home called, PEACE, where the Soul rests.

Sleep is to body, peace is to soul. 

Why with time we have forgotten the meaning of peace? The meaning of life? Why we have replaced peace with piece! The broken pieces, the unfulfilled passions. Why we try to work in such a way that we feel stressed, leading to depression? Why don’t we enjoy what we do? Even better, why don’t we do the work which we enjoy? There will no work stress. You won’t have to prove others, you just have to improve yourselves. Don’t break peace into pieces. Just start being peaceful with everything. Calm down.

To live in such a world, cruel.
Where people play role, duel,
I want to tell that it is crucial,
to fill ur passion with igniting fuel.

Yes, when you do anything with passion, the world doesn’t seem to be bad. We feel that people are just lost souls, struck in their journeys. Open the eyes of heart, open the ears of heart, that’s why we are given four chambers, two for eyes and two for ears. The eyes and ears of soul. Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. No-one is born to be wrong. They are just proved wrong. Turn the tables. Isn’t it great to write your own fate? Mapping your path to the palm-lines!

So I am just thinking how to conclude these direction-less words into a destination! Destiny of these words is not where the last sentence of this posts ends, it is to reach your eyes, then slowly slowly fall into your Heart. That’s where the real destination of these words is!

Have an awesome and well, PEACEFUL Sunday. Thanks for reading.