Sci,en,ce- sky and sea.

Hello readers, let’s talk about science today. What is science? Okay, let me ask first, for whom is science? Only for scientists? Only for students? No. Science is for everyone. Science is everything in between sky and the sea***. The name itself says it. Do you think there was no science before the introduction of science in our education system? Let me tell you, science was born on day 1, along with the universe. When someone says I hate science, indirectly he hates his own existence. Science subject is different than the actual science. Science is as higher as sky, and as deeper as sea. No one can completely understand it. You don’t have to be a scholar to understand science. You just have to believe in it to understand science. Just like God. The reason for the blue color of sky is science. The Earth consists upto of 71% of water. Wait wait, our body also consists 70% of water. So the reason? Science.
As in one of the biggest epic the great MAHABHARAT, one slok says, “If you can’t find it in mahabharat, you will find it nowhere”. Really I do believe so.
Our Earth resembles our body.
What you can’t find in America, you can find it in China. What you can’t find in China, you can find it in some other place. In a similar way, what you can’t find in your brain, you will find it in your heart. What you can’t find in your heart, you will find it in your eyes and so on. This is life. The cycle. Just like sun and the moon. Day and the night. Science is our existence. We exist to believe that science. Science is God. Even Lord Krishna says that the only thing which is constant in this world, is CHANGE.
Just like season, is our mood. Varying time to time. Sometimes unseasonal. But always remember, everything present in the universe, is also present in our body. Ok let’s take this mobile piece which I am typing with. Camera= Eyes. Memory= Neuron cells. Processor= Brain. Battery= Heart. Touch Screen- Senses. And so on.
Life is just what you think of it.
So start loving science, start believing in Science. Your science may or may not improve, your life will definitely will.

Thanks for reading. I can’t believe I sat down for two continuous hours typing, reading, retyping and finally editing this. I don’t know about your science, just hope that I am not wrong with my English here.

*** sci is referred as sky, en as and ce as sea. ***