The secret of life- Controlled Growth

We shouldn’t wish for growth of everything in our life, as being humans we have both strengths and flaws already embedded in us. When we wish for growth, everything grows with it. So we should go for a controlled improvement. Controlled growth.

Life is a manufacturing company which produces temporary homes in the form of bodies for souls. There are different departments that the company Life have to handle. Brain, Heart, Senses, Feelings, Bones, Muscles, Nerves etc are some of the important departments that the company has to handle. Like in any other company, Life also faces the term called defect. In the system of production, there are different loop holes which for Life has no solution. Coming to the point, life produces defective bodies with imperfect senses.

Whereas we, the Souls are perfect without any defect. But the problem is that we don’t have a form. We need something in which we can dwell and carry out our functions and reach out to our destiny. The souls made a deal with life to manufacture bodies for them in which they can live. Life though felt happy with this offer but later it thought it was difficult to product bodies with large dimensions in such a small time. So it finally declared that Life will make baby-bodies for soul which will grow with time. But life made one mistake. Yes, now we come to the main issue, it didn’t apply controlled growth. So the bodies grow with time along with strength as well as weakness. There is no stopping for that.

Life realized its mistake but it was too late. The bodies were ready, so to cover its mistake it made a ‘how to rectify your defects’ guide for each body and saved them on the palms of the human bodies. Yes, that’s the map to our perfection. That’s the map to our destiny. Though the map is available on our hands, we have to make use of our senses to seek for that perfection, with our imperfect senses.

What is this controlled growth!? It means growing our strengths and cutting down our weaknesses. That’s the secret to our life. Every soul is perfect, defects are in our bodies. (And we don’t love anyone just by seeing their cars(bodies), ‘we’ start loving them by understanding the person who drives them, (the souls)).

There are minimum defects in every body. Some have anger, some anxiety, some hatred, some fear, some ego and some pride. But they all are in the processor of the body, MIND, not in the person (soul), who operates them. With time they increase. So we have to minimize our defects approximately to zero( Zero is ideal) in the present time, so that the growth of defects doesn’t matter much in future. We should try to master our emotions and senses, so that we have a control over them.


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As there is a famous saying, when grown, we should cut nails, not fingers. Similarly we have to cut down the grown weaknesses not the growing strengths. I think I have a defect of writing too much lengthy articles (may be) that too on a weekend, which I will try to control. And if it’s a strength I will try to improve. Haha.. Have a great weekend.

Let’s make controlled growth in our life as the goal for 2016. Thanks for reading.