Yu and Mi (Part-2)

Yu and Mi
(Part -2)
** This is a work of fiction.**

I was feeling nervous while climbing the stairs of the Apollo Hospitals. Even though she said ‘let’s meet next week’ the previous day, I knew she said it just because I had said meeting her tomorrow was like meeting her next week. So I was ready for a date which will be one of a kind. Which is gonna be in a hospital. I hardly slept the previous night, as I was occupied by her thoughts, and when I slept, she was in my dreams.

As I reached the third floor, my temple began playing its symphony in the worst unsynchronous way possible and an earthquake broke down in my heart with her first look as the epicenter. She had occupied all my thoughts and dreams.

I have trained my mouth to sync with my brain this time, so that my mouth doesn’t speak anything without a permission from my brain, again. I have prepared some topics in advance, if in case my mouth falls out of words. I wondered whether a person can fall in love with another person to such an extent by just looking at her/him, without any information about that person. I was not sure. I was yet to discover it.

As I reached the room no.304 and was about to open the door, I felt as fearful as a person feels while opening the door of a haunted house at midnight. And when I opened the door, I saw a ghost in blue laying lifeless on bed with his face facing towards me and the mouth open. I felt afraid as I took my steps towards him. I screamed “uncle,uncle”! But no response. My heart-beat at that time was audible even to the patient next door. I was about to touch the body but within a second the life-less body sprang to life. Goosebumps.

I was about to run but then the ghost spoke “Hey my son, I was sleeping. I am glad that you care for me so much. I am absolutely fine my son. Come,have a seat.” My nervousness came down but still I felt embarrassed as he always addresses me as his son. Damn! I have a thing for your daughter! And by the way where is your daughter, I wanted to ask him.

“Today no one came to meet you, uncle?” I asked him. Being safe is always the best option.

“My wife will arrive here by today afternoon and my daughter went to a pharmacy store for medicines, she will be back in 10 minutes. That’s it! That is my family. And even you came to meet me” He includes me in his family. I sat on a chair nearby him and was thinking how to start a conversation with her dad. From where to start.

“So what do you do beta?” he asked adjusting himself inorder to sit on his bed. A question for which every parent has a patent to ask any youth in any situation, doesn’t matter even if their bones of hands are broken or not! Instead why don’t they ask ‘What is your passion beta?’

But then suddenly the doors opened up. A powerful storm disguised in the form of a girl appeared from the other side of the door. I was stunned by this epitome beauty that has a power to hypnotize the whole world with just one smile. I have heard about Bermuda Triangle before, but for the first time I saw my own version of Bermuda triangle. The triangle formed by her two eyes and her mouth as the three vertices of the triangle, instantly became my version of Bermuda triangle. My thoughts took off from my brain and landed in that triangle but they never came back. I think they got lost in that triangle. I think I need a seat belt for not to fall in this triangle. I never saw such a beauty anywhere. Describing her in just words would just be an insult.

“Hey Yu, I thought you would come next week!”, she said with a sarcastic tone.

“Then I think I should go”, I said laughing too.

“Hey dad, here are your medicines. I have already paid our house rent, current bill and LIC beema amount. So you don’t have to worry papa. Doctor said you would be discharged in two days.” She said to her dad. But she didn’t reply to me. She didn’t tell to stay. She didn’t tell to go. So I would stay.

“Aww! You are my son. You are so caring and responsible. God bless you Rashmi beta” said her dad with a feeling of pride. How proud parents feel if they see their children fulfilling their responsibilities!

“Papa, I am your son. I am your daughter. I learnt everything from you.”, she said this with a sheer confidence. I wanted to ask uncle what would he prefer me to become, his son-in-law or daughter-in-law!

As this daughter and dad pair were talking with each other, I began looking around. I expected a lot this morning and now in this 5-star hospital, with all these medicines served in the menu and the sound of these medical equipments acting as the background music, I was having a date one of a kind. WOW!

“Ha beta. So what do you do?”, said uncle interrupting my chain of thoughts. Huh! Parents!!

“B. Tech third year uncle”, I said having no spark of an engineer graduate.

“Oh! That’s great! Engineering ha! Some people don’t do it just because it is tough” said uncle.

“There’s nothing great in doing engineering uncle, it is like a 10th class nowadays. And it’s not about being tough uncle, it is just because it is followed by the most. How wrong we are! ” I said having experienced this 3 years of hell.

“Hmm. But engineering is famous. And many students join engineering which makes it tougher.  Such is the competition. And this competition gave rise to commercial age of education. But competition is imoprtant to succeed.” Said uncle. Rashmi was not that interested in this conversation. Change the topic uncle.

“No uncle. We don’t have to compete. We are already complete. We just have to follow our passion. Not the passion and profession of others. If and only if our passion turns into our profession, It will help our nation. Life is simple uncle, complications are in our mind. Everyone is given a key to one’s passion, but we keep searching for doors of others’ passion. So the door to our own passion remains closed. Finding our passion is like finding a soul-mate and following it is like keeping her happy forever.” I said mentioning some quotes which I wrote few weeks earlier. I like topics on life and passion rather than education and degrees.

“Wow.. Yu.. That’s amazing.. I really liked this soul-mate and door-key part. Very well said. I am impressed. I am really feeling good now.” Said Rashmi who was feeling uneasy so far. Yes. Her looks are magic to me and my words are magic to her.

“Thank you so much Mi. By the way what do you do?” I asked her and expected ‘I love you, Yu’ in return from her side.

“I got married two years ago.”


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Heavenly Earth and demons from Hell

Life is like Love In Folded Envelopes. Yes. We gift people with folded envelopes on different occasions. We give them with love. Similarly we are gifted from heaven to earth as gifts, with love. We are the proof of love between heaven and Earth. So we have to justify their love, as Earth is in trouble, as it is in danger. Danger of extinction.

We are made from love. Different elements are mixed in us with different proportions. Water for transportation in our body, fire for digestion, air for respiration and wind for voice( Sound box). We are gifts created with atmost care. We are here to deliver the decoded message of heaven to Earth. But we, instead of trying to decode the message of Heaven, we are trying to decode the message of ourselves. The purpose of ours for being in this land. We are trying to find the reason for our existence.

The opposition of heaven, Hell, is trying to conquer the Heavenly Earth by sending its demons in this Earth. Anger, Ego, depression, violence are some of the dangerous demons who have already entered into the province of Earth. And many others are waiting to enter the Earth. They are trying to destroy the message decoded in us, the gifts of Heaven to Earth, so that Earth can never understand the love of Heaven.

Are we so selfish? The reason for which we are here, to save this Earth from the purgatory, are we forgetting that reason? . Wake up. The message will be decoded according to time. Just save this Earth from self-destruction. Stay strong. Keep the land clean. And mind resistive to the demons of Hell. Be the warrior. Only on your hands, the Earth is residing. Bring out the warrior in you.

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Life to the life-less words

There is something different about writing. Isn’t it? We feel happy while writing.  Readers feel happy while reading it. It is like a  transfer of emotions in the form of series of words. Thousands of words flowing from a brain to a paper, and those same words raising into the brain of readers while reading it. Wow, what a connection, what an achievement!  Even there is a saying, Pen is mightier than sword. Because a pen kills more words than a sword killing humans.

A king once doubted this saying. How can it be true! A Sword can kill, whereas the pen can’t. Once to test the saying, the king ordered the best soldier and the best writer in his kingdom to meet him the next day. The king placed a question to both of them to tell which is stronger? Pen or sword? The soldier said Sword and the writer said Pen. The king commanded them to prove it. The soldier brought ten people and beheaded their heads with the sword. The writer was so sad on this activity. He wrote a small story, of exact ten people who were laying on the ground, lifeless. The story was so well written that the king felt happy. The story made king feel like all those 10 people were alive in the story.

But then the Soldier raged with anger, asking ‘How this story can be mightier than the sword?’ .The king though being happy with the story, was not able to answer why this saying is true! Then he turned to the writer, writer’s story was beautiful, conclusion was even better, “Thousands of words are buried by the pen of the writer, just to give birth to hundreds of thoughts in the mind of the reader.”  But the writer wanted to give a perfect reply to satisfy the Soldier, after much brain-storming, the writer replied,
‘Sword takes out the life from the living beings, whereas pen gives life to the life-less words.  It creates  characters just by words. It creates a new world with just words as bricks. That’s why Pen is mightier than the sword’.
Soldier stepped back and felt sad for his actions. King confirmed that the saying is true.

From then, then ‘pen is mightier than sword’ is not just a saying. It’s a tradition. A tradition to write.

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Inspirational Love

In your childhood, you may have listened to a story of a crow in search of water, to quench its thirst. Some may have heard it. Some may have not. So I will tell you this story and this will be followed by a different version of this story.


It was afternoon time of a very hot summer day. A crow was roaming in search of water to quench its thirst. After a long search, the crow finally found water in a pot, but half-filled pot. It tried to drink water with its beak, but the all the attempts were futile. It had two options. To give up, or to give in. It gave in. It saw some stones piled up in the surroundings, and got an idea. The crow started throwing those stones in the pot. The stones being heavy settled down in the pot, making the water-level to rise up. After a lot of hardwork, the water level was in range of the beak of the crow. It happily drank the water, quenched its thirst and flew away.

Isn’t it brilliant? We have so many resources, we just need to know how to use them.

So okay. Be inspired. Now let us make this inspiring story into a love story. Let us assume, the crow is a guy, and pot as the heart of the girl. The guy listened this story of the crow, got inspired, and got an awesome idea to impress his love. When someone asked what is that idea? This is what he said.



“Her heart is a pot half-filled with love, I am a crow starving for her love. I can’t have her heart unless, I throw broken pieces of my heart into her heart, so being the pieces heavy, her love will float on the surface of her heart.”

Keep loving. Thanks for reading.

Love and light

As per the saying, love is a feeling which most of the people know, but only few feel it. Love is not something which you can catch with your hand, it is something which have to be linked with the palm-lines. They say if you drown in water you die. You should swim to be alive. But it is exactly the opposite when it comes to love.
You can feel alive in love, only if you fall in love, only if you drown in love. Else you will just float on the surface of the love. At present we all think we are in love just because we are on the surface of the love.

So here is a story that will describe how deep is love.
In a small town, there was a boy whose passion was in writing. He was fond of Sun and moon, and always used to write about Sun and moon. In his opinion images are just visual representation of words, and nothing else. And there was a girl, as hot as sun, as beautiful as moon, passionate about painting. In her view, words just mis-lead the actual meaning of an image. (*sometimes true*).
Both of them were bloggers. Let’s say on dontmess.com. They met each other there. They fell for each other’s work to such a level that the guy started loving the images and the girl, the words. Finally they decided to marry. On the day of their marriage, he asked “Do you love me?”. She replied with anxiety “Yes”. They were married. Happily? Let’s find out.

**After 2 months, the situation was like this. **

They hardly talked to each other. They just wanted to prove each other by excelling in each other’s work. They thought this is love. Boy took some time for the girl, but the girl was so busy in her work with words. After few days boy also started concentrating on his work of paintings.

She used to write on Sun and moon. She was in love with them. She felt sad for Sun and the moon.
Her feelings for Sun:
“I know how it feels like to be admired by people, but still no one is ready to live with you.”
Her feelings for Moon:
“At least you have stars as companion.”
Her feelings for stars:
“People look at you when have a wish. People look for their loved ones, who left this world, in you. Because people are aware that humans doesn’t dwell in complete moon, they dwell in broken stars.” And used to conclude with small paintings of Sun,moon and stars.

He used to watch at the moon, and painted Moon with different intensities. He used to conclude with a short description about her, ” I always called you my moon, and you proved it. A perfect object that can be stared only from a distance.”

They both loved each other. But never expressed it. They were so much in their work, with their passion inter-exchanged. Their love floating on the surface.

One day the boy gathered enough courage to invite her for a date. For the first time, he took her to a sea-shore. After 10 minutes of pin-drop slience, the boy started the conversation.
“Hi, do you know me?”
She too began.
“Ha. Yes. The one who writes on Sun and moon? Yeh?

“Ha. Right. But used to. Now, I just paint them. So do you love me?”
(He repeated the only dialogue he uttered on their day of marriage. He was expecting the same answer by her which he got that day.)

” No. I love Sun and Moon.” She said.

He was shocked. ” H H How come?”

“Because they give us love and light.”

“No, you love them just because they are away from you. You don’t have to stay with them. You don’t have to roam with them. You don’t have to go for a date with them. Once they start coming down for you, you will start hating them.” , the boy fired back.

“No. If I love say I love someone, I love them till the end.”

There was a silence for few minutes.

” I love you. ”
This time it was the girl who broke the silence, ”  Do you?”

“No. I love Sun and moon” , boy replied playfully.

“Why?” girl asked waiting for a fitting reply.

“Because, just now Sun and moon gave me, my LOVE AND LIGHT back.”

Now, they were married with each other. Until then they were married to each other’s works. They now drowned in love.

Love and light. Thanks for reading.