Start thinking in an Impetus way

State of mind will be in a suffering mode if you keep your thoughts in a buffering mode.

Never keep your mind in a buffering mode. It doesn’t mean that we should take a decision quickly. It means that the decision should be brought into action quickly. It depends on our mindset. Don’t allow your brain to become stagnant by making it to think on the same topic. Take the decision to the next step. Bring it into action. Let the thoughts flow. Never let your thoughts to buffer, because it forms clouds of doubt in our mind. No buffering in thoughts, no suffering in life.

It takes time to take a decision because it is related with choosing. Choose the best after taking all the parameters into consideration which are related to the decision. Impetus (a force which makes an activity happen quickly) thinking makes it easier and wiser to take the decision. Be the force. Be the driving force which drives you to your destiny. You didn’t come in this world to go. You came here to leave some part of yourself here. That amount depends on the decisions you take. So while taking a decision, take opinions of your heart and loved ones and only then take a decision. And once you take a decision, don’t let it buffer again. Consider  opinions after that decision as fog. Move on. Because beyond these fog of opinions and clouds of doubt, lies your destiny. So shape your destiny.


Thanks for reading.

Refurbish the way you think- A new outlook

A new outlook to your thinking can bring back the creativity which left you because of your common humdrum thinking.

You live in a place where your thoughts wander. So your state of mind decides where you want to be! Our thinking takes us to the next moment in our life. You can never move forward in life, if your thinking is not refurbished once in a while. Think to do something which gives happiness to your innerself. That’s the only way to keep our passion alive. Else I fear the world will lose all its passion, and will become slaves of technology.

Ever thought why we feel life-less with this monotonous life? Because there is no creativity in it. Most of the things which we do on a daily basis are either fixed or involves no specific thinking. A stopped clock shows right time two times a day. We are the same. We feel alive only 2 times a day. When we wake up, we  know we are alive and when we sleep we think at least our dreams will be lively. Rest of the time we do things which are necessary for living, but not for purpose of our life. Can’t blame anyone! Such is the system.

Imagine your thoughts are like a match stick, your mind is like a match box and Creativity is like a candle. If you rub match stick to a match box, it will ignite. But if you rub candle to a match box?! Will it? See. Similarly, we can rub thoughts with our brain, but not creativity. We can ignite our thoughts and then we can bring creativity in it. Only if our thoughts are enlightened, then creativity will be sparked from it.

Find a place where your thoughts wander happily without fear. A place where your thoughts feel like home. We all are born as detectives, yes, to detect our passion and follow it. But how can you detect your passion if your thoughts wander without a direction. Give a direction to your thoughts. Give a direction to your life. Refurbish your thoughts. Refurbish the way you think.

Thanks for reading.