Optimization of Natural Search Engine

It is a home to some billions of neurons, some unknown bytes of memory and some enormous amount of information! How can you find a solution to the particular question, in our BRAIN, without running a perfect search algorithm for that question!?

Sometimes we never obtain the solution to our questions when in dark times. Ever thought why? The problem is that we search for solution with tags like ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’. In dark days we forget to search question with a relevant tag. You will get definitely get an answer. And that answer will be the meaning of ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘when’. Not the solution to your problem.

You may think that solution is present in our brain, then why we are not able to bring out the solution! Google stores answers to lot of questions in its servers, but if we don’t search with proper technique ,we will never get the exact solution to our problem. So search efficiently. You can’t score 100 runs of a single ball. Slowly ball by ball, clue by clue you have to find the solution. The same case with our brain. Follow the links to our neurons.

Students, whose search entries increase drastically during the times of exams, complain that they have read all the answers but still they were not able to link with the answer during the time of the examination. Students start feeding their data in their brain only few days before the exams. So they don’t have enough time to relate those concepts with relevant tags and categories! So even though the information is stored in their brain, they can’t find the answers because there were no such tags related to it.

Not only the way we search, but also the way we store or feed the information is important. So when you try to feed some information, feed it with tags and some creative easy to find tags. Don’t save words as just words, save them as images. Our Brain is just a one server in a network of billions of Brains. Every information cannot be stored on a single server. These billions of brains on a whole forms the natural Google of the world. That’s the reason we connect with people, they are the links so at we can access the missing information from them. Some answers can be found only in the people we meet on a daily basis. They are connected to us for a reason.

There is even a cache memory in our brain which stores all the recent events in our life. There is even a reminder memory which reminds us of all the future events. There is even a flashback memory which feeds all the important events in the past. Our brain keeps juggling in between these memories to find the exact time-frame of the incident. Even these three memories may be responsible for dreams and nightmares. Proper juggling results in dreams, improper juggling results in nightmares!

The subconscious memory is the memory in which things related our mundane everyday activities are stored which doesn’t require specific thinking. This is an independent memory. To allot minimum possible space to this memory is recommended. If this memory is more, life becomes boring as brain is in idle state and there will be no creativity in thoughts.

Fill your neurons with light. As the digital world, The Digital Brain is made of zeros and ones, our brain is made of light and darkness. The natural brain. It works on the principle of default zeros, default dark as the initial position of all our thoughts and our task is to fill them with light so that the meaning of those thoughts can be understood.

All the thoughts which were born in our brain or adopted by our brain from others’ brain so far, still dwell in our brain entangled in some unidentified neurons.

So start feeding data in our brain, in a creative and searchable manner. And search for data with a efficient technique. Optimize your natural search engine.

SOLU TION is found when you search for questions with your SOUL ON IT. Thanks for reading.

Fishing the thoughts

Ladder to success is not a ladder to climb. It is a ladder to descend. To descend you dreams. To land your dreams, which fly high in air, on surface. To give a form to your dreams. To convert them into reality. Success is what people will call it. But success is doing what gives satisfaction to you. Doing which, you don’t feel it as work. You feel it as life. Your world. The dreams which you grow in your head shouldn’t die fruitless. They need a basket to be kept in. That basket is reality. Collect those fruits of dream and put them in basket of reality.

Thoughts need a place to live in reality. They can’t wander all the time, they need rest for sometime. But we give rest to those thoughts for life time, without giving them a chance to wander. We captured those thoughts in our brain, and hold them in those colorless walls of our body. So let the thoughts travel from one mind to the other so that the journey becomes the home for thoughts to find an ultimate home.

Thoughts can neither be taught nor can be bought. They should be brought, from the river flowing inside the brain. Yes. Our mind is like a river flowing with continuous pace. Thoughts are like fishes in it. If we catch those fishes, we can convert them into ideas. People will feed on those ideas and which will result in a chain reaction of thoughts. And the best part is, that eating those fishy thoughts will not be considered as non-vegetarianism. Isn’t it great? We all can be vegetarians. So guys, happy fishing.

Thanks for reading.



Problems. Yes. They are like seasons. They will come, anyway. Sometimes in a huge amount like floods or sometimes too less like drought. Sometimes they are necessary to our lives, to know our capability of how to deal them. If you can’t solve the problem it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to solve. It is just that you are looking only for solution, not the root of the problem. Think deep, there lies the solution, from where the problem began. If you won’t solve it within time, it will become a bigger one. And if you have solved that problem, then get ready for the next one. That’s life.

Thanks for reading.