Transmogrify your life

There’s nothing like thinking out of the box. Because thoughts can never be confined in a box. In real, thinking out of the box means THINK while you are out of the box, because one day you will just lay life-less in a box.

Never stop thinking. Your thoughts can change the way you see the world. You are here for creating an impact. Don’t drown in emotions of inferiority and kill those thoughts. They deserve to live. They deserve to live in the hearts of people. Don’t be the reason for the death of thoughts in your mind. If you kill them then the ghosts of those thoughts will never stop haunting you. So let them live. Transfer them out of your brain. Transmogrify your life by those thoughts.

If you prefer happiness rather than Ego in Earth, which is h prior to e, then Earth transforms into hEart.

So can we all work towards transformation of Earth into Heart, which beats enough to keep us alive. And this transformation will make not only keep us alive but also will make us feel lively. So keep thinking. Keep evolving. Transmogrify your life while you are out of the box.

Keeping this short and simple. Thanks for reading.