Yu and Mi (Part-3)

Yu and Mi
** This is a work of fiction **

For the first time in my life I came to know that words are not only costly but also heavy. I was able to feel the weight of her words and they were pushing me down and down into depression. Her words “I got married two years ago” were spreading in every part of my existence as a virus which may have some deadly consequences. I wondered how our mother Earth can hold all this weight of globe without complaining. May be that’s why we call our Earth as mother Earth. I was really missing my mother. I had no words to speak, even if I had, they may have committed suicide within my voice box. To be clear, my mindset was completely unclear.

But uncle didn’t tell me anything about his son-in-law in the morning when I asked him about his family. I turned my face towards him. Only your bones are broken, but your daughter broke my heart. But to my surprise he was also dumb-struck. He was as surprised as me when he heard her saying that she got married two years ago. Just hope that he doesn’t fall down holding his chest.

“Yea. I got married to my passion, Painting, two years ago. I was in a relationship with my passion from 9 years, then I finally decided to marry it. I got this idea from your words AbhimanYu ‘Finding your passion is like finding a soul-mate and following it is like keeping her happy forever.’ Thanks. ” she said this with lot of passion. Her passion was visible in her eyes. For one moment I wondered that she has painted herself to perfection!

But these words spread in my body as an anti-virus to her previous words. Every part started to feel alive, again. I was suddenly feeling weightless. It felt like I was flying and may fall into one of her paintings, any moment. I turned towards his father to thank him for bringing up such a daughter. He was smiling too.

“Thanks to you RashMi, I have applied my own words many a time before, but for the first time someone else has used my words, it means a lot me”, I said finally as some words found a way through my Voice box.

“Hey Yu.. It was my pleasure to use your words. You are such an inspirer”, she said. Have you ever seen the happiest person on Earth? You should have seen me at that time.

“Thanks Mi, that’s so sweet of you.” I said blushing.

“Marriage with passion is ok dear, but where this passion which you are marrying, will live? On the footpath? Or as they say in movies, in the heart??” said her father with a smirk.

“Dad, money is not an issue. It is just to buy things.  It can’t buy happiness. Anyway I am not a girl that desires to live in a duplex, I always love to live in 2 BHK.” said Mi, with her passion as the bow and her confidence as arrows.

That’s it. Now I came to know why my Heart is divided exactly into 4 parts. Just because she is always fond of 2BHK(2+1+1=4).

“Yes uncle. Money can give you things but not happiness associated with those things. We can’t buy happiness, we can only generate it, and fuel for happiness is our passion. Doing what we don’t like makes us frustrated with what we do. Doing what we like makes us happier with what we do. Life is good only until money is in hands, but life is dangerous when money is in mind. If we really love our passion, it lives in the things we do and gives birth to thoughts in other minds. Money will keep flowing. Money is for flowing, not for being stagnant.” I said opposing uncle. I can never hear anything against following our passion. 

Uncle was surely speechless but whereas Mi was completely speechless too.

“Wow Yu, can’t agree more. Very true and inspiring. Now I am number 1 fan of your words.” then she turned towards her father, “If money is in mind there are more chances for a person to meet with accidents.” said Mi winking towards her father.

We all three started laughing. Everything was perfect at that moment.

“Haha.. I don’t know about professionally, but Students of this generation are passionately confident.”  said her father laughing. We all laughed again.

“So come, let’s have coffee, I am laughing too much today. I need coffee.” Mi said still trying to suppress her laughter. What she said? Coffee? With me? Come again!! And what? Coffee to overcome laughter! Wow..

We both started walking towards the canteen of the hospital. Sometimes it’s not about the place where we drink coffee, it’s about the people with whom we drink coffee. We ordered two coffees and took our seats.

“So do you believe in love at first sight?” Mi said with her hands resting on the table. My ears went deaf. Am I really awake? Isn’t this too fast. I have been always against time. Sometimes 1 second takes years to pass, and sometimes within seconds life changes by years. One quote which I wrote few weeks earlier was eager to come out of my Voice box.

Love at first sight is just love at first sight with the skin. It takes some more meetings, some more layers to fall in love with the heart, as our heart is some layers deeper than our skin.” I said this, but I knew I fell in love with her, years before I met her. I fell in love with just her mere existence in this world. I was waiting for her reply.

“Wow. That’s great. Let’s get married. Let’s extract the layers.”

Will work on part-4 soon.
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Life to the life-less words

There is something different about writing. Isn’t it? We feel happy while writing.  Readers feel happy while reading it. It is like a  transfer of emotions in the form of series of words. Thousands of words flowing from a brain to a paper, and those same words raising into the brain of readers while reading it. Wow, what a connection, what an achievement!  Even there is a saying, Pen is mightier than sword. Because a pen kills more words than a sword killing humans.

A king once doubted this saying. How can it be true! A Sword can kill, whereas the pen can’t. Once to test the saying, the king ordered the best soldier and the best writer in his kingdom to meet him the next day. The king placed a question to both of them to tell which is stronger? Pen or sword? The soldier said Sword and the writer said Pen. The king commanded them to prove it. The soldier brought ten people and beheaded their heads with the sword. The writer was so sad on this activity. He wrote a small story, of exact ten people who were laying on the ground, lifeless. The story was so well written that the king felt happy. The story made king feel like all those 10 people were alive in the story.

But then the Soldier raged with anger, asking ‘How this story can be mightier than the sword?’ .The king though being happy with the story, was not able to answer why this saying is true! Then he turned to the writer, writer’s story was beautiful, conclusion was even better, “Thousands of words are buried by the pen of the writer, just to give birth to hundreds of thoughts in the mind of the reader.”  But the writer wanted to give a perfect reply to satisfy the Soldier, after much brain-storming, the writer replied,
‘Sword takes out the life from the living beings, whereas pen gives life to the life-less words.  It creates  characters just by words. It creates a new world with just words as bricks. That’s why Pen is mightier than the sword’.
Soldier stepped back and felt sad for his actions. King confirmed that the saying is true.

From then, then ‘pen is mightier than sword’ is not just a saying. It’s a tradition. A tradition to write.

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Nowadays people have become blind. They just believe in magic only if they see with their eyes. That’s very narrow minded thought. You never saw the creation of this earth, but it’s magic. Everything we see is just an illusion, unless we see it with our inner eyes, the inner strength. The eyes are given us to see the things and then feel them with our closed eyes. With our inner eyes. We have a rear cam to see the world, but not front cam to see ourselves. We have lost the power to hold the front cams. With our black and white (in general) eyes we can see the colorful world. But the blind people are gifted with inner colorful eyes. They can see themselves as colorful. They hide magic not in their eyes, but on the other side of their eyes. Be more visionary with closed eyes. There are no lens available in the market for inner eyes. 

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Words dipped in love.


Yes. What I am trying to say here is known to everyone. We speak the words of our brains most of the time. Because it is easy. You don’t have to add emotions in it. The words just fall freely from our brain to our mouth. But they are not enough sometimes. The words are the medium through which we communicate with people, so to keep it for a long time, we need just more than words. We need words from the heart. Words with feelings, not advantage. Nowadays we hardly use them. Just because there comes a gravity into picture. The words have to raise from heart to our mouth opposing gravity. So once try it friends. The relationships will be powerful. There will be love in heart, instead of power in brain. Try to speak with heart, as they are words dipped in blood. Dipped in love. They are also true words residing in the four chambers of your heart.
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