Full or Empty

Sometimes I wonder whether the purpose of our life is to empty ourselves of what we hold inside us or is it to fill ourselves with what we have around us!

We often find reasons to complete ourselves or excuses to empty ourselves. But what’s the actual purpose of our life? To complete ourselves or is it to empty ourselves of what we hold inside. If this dilemma wasn’t enough confusing, there are even contradicting elements at work. Generally, when we add, we should feel complete and when we remove, we should feel empty. But sometimes we feel empty when we add more people/things in our life (because of the attachment) and sometimes we feel complete when we let go some people/things in our life (because of detachment). Yes, natural laws work in weird ways. But that’s how they work. For example, the temperature of a chilled drink bottle placed on a table increases with ticking clock. But when a hot tea cup placed on the same table under the same conditions, the temperature decreases with ticking clock. How? Why? This is because of the room temperature. Because the temperature wants to reach the state of stability.

The ultimate goal is to become stable. It applies for every particle in the universe. This is same even for us. When we have more than we require, with time it will decrease and when we have less than we require, with time it will increase till it gets stable. Why you worry? Just be the process, not the processor. People/things come and go according to this stability principle. They don’t leave you, neither they die, they are just guided to different route for their stability progress. You just cherish what you have and learn from what you lose.

This simple law if applied in our lives, we all can get free from all the attachments. We can understand what we are all going through and why we are all going though it. We all aim for the same destination just through different ways. Ultimate goal is to reach that stable state, where our peace lies. A place where we can finally say ‘I’m at home’. One day, we’ll all meet there and discuss about the different paths we chose and the experiences we gained to reach there. Till then, just keep moving. Happy Journey!

So I have been away from WordPress for a long time. Almost 15 months. Already have posted this concept on my Instagram 3 months ago, but wanted to share it here also. No new concept at the moment. Will try to pick up the pace from here on. Hope you all are having good times. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Full or Empty

  1. Sohair 23/06/2018 / 3:06 am

    Welcome back Jackie …
    Great post..
    Keep writing..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder 08/06/2018 / 12:59 am

    Great to have you on blogosphere again, Jackie.

    The simple law of stability, I think, is one of the hardest things to apply when it comes to mere mortals like us. Most of the times, we are guided by our instincts and not the rationale. There rises the problem.

    A nice piece of philosophy and food for thought, as always… 🙂

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    • Jackie Jain 08/06/2018 / 11:59 am

      Yes that’s true Mani.. Our instincts are the ones that guide us in taking our decisions.. And they are always with some attachment and greed.. That’s why we feel empty and unstable..
      Anyway, Thank you so much Mani.. Back to blogging after such a long time, I’m feeling like a beginner again..

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