So life, what we know about life? Let me ask in another way, how much you know about life? Don’t reply in percentages. Because life is in experience. Life is more than just breathing with two nostrils. It is ability to breath happiness, breath inspiration. Not from air, but from people. From life. Life is air as they say, but air is in also lays packet. But there is no life there. So is there in every human being breathing air? May be yes for some, but think there are people who just count their breath. So we were dead for millions of year, before we got birth here, we will be dead after for another millions of years. We may life for just 60 years. So what’s the point of waiting for chance! Start up friends! Wear your shoes, be careful you wear the shoes according to your work. Start running. Not for work, for life. Not for living, but for life. Life is to dive in problems, and swim against them.

So posting almost after 6 months. Will be here on regular from now. Thanks for reading.

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