Hello friends, it is Sunday, and also international yoga day. So make peace with your mind and let your soul find a path. So inspiration! What do you think is the actual inspiration? Seeing some videos of celebrities’ lectures, or reading some inspirational quotes or looking at some inspirational artwork? What? Let me tell you they are all catalysts to the inspirational process, not the actual compounds which participate in the inspirational process. The INspiration is IN. Within you. Hiding somewhere, somewhere to be found. Problems in our life are just to make to seek within yourself so that you can find it. Some people say that they are not satisfied with their work. It is just because they don’t find their work, creative. They don’t find their work inspirational. If the work is done with inspiration, then we find satisfaction without even thinking about the result. So enjoy the inspiration. Find it, apply it in your work, and let the work as the catalyst for inspiring others.

Thank you. Thanks for reading.
Have a good day.


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